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Most things don’t happen the way that people think that they happen.

I was having a conversation with a fine minister the other day and we began to talk about how things happen and why things happen. I said, “T.D. Jakes couldn’t happen today as he happened then”. He asked why and I gave him the reasons adding, “ I heard Bill Hybels that he couldn’t build Willow Creek the same way today.”

Things happen at the confluence of three things: preparation, information, and observation. You have to be prepared. You have to have the right information. You have to observe the situation. And you have to act.

One of the reasons that I have created this website is to help people like my friend prepare themselves for increase in life and ministry. It’s filled with the information that you need to succeed, however you define success. And it has a few of the observations that I’ve made over the years, observations that will help you to connect the dots to create the world that you want to live in.

If you have the preparation. If you’ve got the information. If you’ve observed the situation and you know that the time is right—act! Jakes did, Hybels did, I have, You can. There’s more on this “Behind The Door.”


Dr. Leon Stutzman

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