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The Miracle Of Divine Supply

I was stranded in Dallas, told not to come home, left without a car, and living in a run-down boarding house with no way out. I was walking over to a friend’s house and passed a normally vacant lot, where someone had parked beat up, faded pink, 1955 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe, with a hand-lettered cardboard sign that read, “For Sale $100.” I knew that I had found my way out!

I took a closer look at the car. There were three different colors of oil leaking from the engine. The upholstery was ripped and the stuffing was coming out of the seat. Everything else was equally rough, but the price. And I had an idea of where to get the price. Then it was gone. And I was disappointed. But I couldn’t get the image of that car out of my mind.

Fast forward a few weeks. A young man drove the car that his mother had given him from Illinois to Dallas. It was a pristine, gunmetal grey and blue, 1955 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe, that purred like a sewing machine. He decided to return home but didn’t want to drive, so he sold me the car for eighty dollars. Where did the eighty dollars come from? My father, who a month before had said, “If you go hold that revival don’t bother coming home.” Except I didn’t ask him for eighty, I asked him for a hundred because I knew I’d need tags for the car!

Divine Supply is a real thing. The chances of a second, pristine 1955 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe manifesting in that time frame were slim to none. The chances of my father giving me the money to buy it were even less. But it happened and I drove that old car all over the hills of Oklahoma and Texas until an encounter with a pick-up full of drunk cowboys brought about its demise. But then another, better car manifested. But this isn’t about cars—it’s about Divine Supply.

I didn’t understand much about Divine Supply in those days, but I did know “Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord Provides,” and lived in expectation. I’ve experienced Divine Supply more times than I can remember since, and have taught thousands to experience it for themselves. Let me share some things that I’ve learned. By way of outline I’m using a story from the Bible that even the Biblically illiterate among you know—Jesus multiplying loaves and fishes to feed a multitude. It was a supreme example of Divine Supply. This is the Cliff Notes, condensed, secular version— if you’d like to get the whole story, complete with anointing, you can experience it as I taught it at Aspire Church by going to or Facebook @Aspirechurchtv .


Five loaves, two fishes, what were they among thousands of hungry people. Enough. Because whatever you have is enough to manifest Divine Supply. But you have to use what you’ve got.

In my case what I had was a very angry, hard-headed father who had just begun to see a little success from his landscape maintenance business. That wasn’t much because most of his anger was directed at me because he believed that I was supposed to work for him. But he

was the only resource I had, so I summoned up the courage, made the call, completed the pitch, and was more than a little surprised when he said, “I’ll write you a check, but you’ll have to come get it.” I hitched a ride with a friend, and the next day owned a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe. BTW—it worked out pretty well for my father. More about that later.

What have you got? You’ve got to use what you have.


I saw, in the literal sense, that faded pink, fluid leaking, torn upholstery 1955 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe sitting in that vacant lot. After it was gone I still couldn’t get the image out of my mind. It was as if it was indelibly etched there. And what I saw became a reality.

That may be a stretch for you but you’ll find it in the story of multiplied loaves and fishes twice. The first is when Jesus told his disciples to “go see” what they had. The second is when He “looked up” to His source. The principle is found all through scripture and recognized by all who experience Divine Supply, best summed up by the comedian Flip Wilson—“What you see is what you get.” What are you seeing?

I “saw” our first home. We had just started a storefront church with limited income, living in a travel trailer that was getting smaller by the day. The house was a rental, renting at twice what we could afford. We thanked the woman for her kindness in showing us the place even though she frankly told us that even if we could afford it she wasn’t renting to anyone that had pets or children. We had both. Two hours later I was called to the phone, she was on the line—“I was telling my daughter about you and how I wasn’t about to rent to anyone with pets or children, and that you couldn’t afford it anyway, when she screamed at me—“Mom, you have to rent it to him! He’s my radio preacher!”

What are you seeing? See what you have.


Jesus told the multitude to sit in the grass—the grass represents growth. If you want to experience Divine Supply you have to be in a place of growth.

That may sound contradictory. It may be that you are in need of Divine Supply because you’re not in a place of growth. We are in a recessionary time, jobs are being lost, people are having financial difficulties—we are not in a place of growth. But you have to be in a place of growth— spiritually, personally, relationally, and in every other way that we human beings grow. (The only place you don’t want to grow is in your waistline!) Be in a place of growth.

Let me show you something.

I don’t believe that I have ever used tithing to illustrate a principle on my blog, but if you know me you know that I believe in, and practice the principle because principle always works. This is one of the ways that it works. When you read the great promise of Malachi 3:10 the words read, “open you” not “for you” the word for was inserted by the translators. Tithing as a principle “opens you up, expands your thinking, and causes you to grow into Divine Supply. Side Note—it does make a difference where you tithe—it should be a place of growth.

Find your growing place and grow into your Divine Supply.


Jesus looked up to heaven. Look up. That doesn’t mean that I believe that God lives up there, somewhere, and that Divine Supply comes down from there. God is everywhere, all of the time. Not up. Not down. All around. But the idea of “up” is manifold. Up is above it all. Up has the resources you need. Up is where you need to be. Up is not down. Look up.

I am a practitioner of positive thinking. That doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize, negative situations, difficulties, or real-world circumstances. It does mean that I look beyond the negative to the positive, focusing my thoughts on sources and solutions. Unless your sources or solutions are at your feet, (if they are what are you worrying about?!?), you’ll never see them if you’re looking down. Look up.

Positivity or negativity are choices that we make. I choose to look up not down, to live “on the sunny side of the street,” and always keep in mind that “little old ant, that thought he could move a rubber tree plant.” Like him, I have high hopes. Look up for Divine Supply.


Can you imagine trying to manifest a miracle of Divine Supply with a multitude of thoughts and ideas, a mixture of faith and fear, milling about, voicing their opinions? That is why Jesus commanded the multitude to sit down, in order. The multitude represents the multitude of thoughts that continually run through your mind. Get your thoughts in order.

“A double-minded man, (or woman!), is unstable in all of his ways.” You can focus on your lack or your supply, your abilities, or inabilities, but it is difficult to focus on both. Here’s the thing about thoughts—thoughts become realities, for good or ill. Get your thoughts in order.

May I suggest that the first step to ordering your thoughts is to sit down in a place of growth, and rest. Calm your mind. Let the inner chatter die down. Listen. Focus on your Divine Supply, when appropriate actions reveal themselves, (and they will!), take them. Then watch what happens. Divine Supply flows when you order your thoughts.


Jesus blessed the insufficient loaves and fishes and fed a multitude. It was a moment and He blessed His moment. So should you.

An attitude of gratitude works on so many levels. On the spiritual level, it releases your faith. On a mental level, it creates a flow of possibility thoughts and direction. On an emotional level, it lifts you up and gives a sense of optimism. Bless your moment.

You may not feel like blessing your moment. In fact, you may feel like railing against the injustice of it all, it’s not fair. Why?!? To be honest, sometimes you need to rail against the injustice, wrongness of the thing, and ask why. And after you have, bless your moment, because in blessing your moment you take charge of the moment, change the moment, make a demand on Eternity and release Divine Supply.


The gathered twelve baskets of excess food after the multitude was sated. Divine Supply seldom manifests in just enough— God is the God of More Than Enough.

“Our friend is stuck in Kansas and needs three hundred dollars to get home,” the pastor in whose church I was speaking told me. He went on to say that he had fifty dollars and asked if I could help. I told him that I had a hundred dollars that I was saving to buy a new suit, and two hundred that I was saving for a radio bill. “Our friend really needs three hundred.” And there went my money. But the Law of Sowing and Reaping always works, and Divine Supply has a wonderful way of manifesting in excess, perhaps even with a sense of humor. I say that because—

A few days later we drove to Toledo for lunch and as we were tooling down an unfamiliar avenue I saw a run down cinder block building with a faded sign that read, “King Liquidators,” and something told me that I needed to go in there. I did a quick u-turn, and pulled up to the dim storefront lit with bare light bulbs in the windows. When my eyes adjusted to the dim interior I could see among the clutter several racks of men’s suits. The proprietor volunteered that they had just bought ought a menswear shop in Detroit, and the first rack was twenty-five dollars, and the second thirty-five. The price tags read four and five hundred dollars but that wasn’t the selling point—they were, perhaps, the flashiest suits the world has ever seen. At least the flashiest that I had ever seen! And in those days the boy was bad and known for flashy suits. (Come to think of it, late last year a twenty-something hipster saw a video I was in and asked, “Does he know he dresses Bad-Ass.” Yes I do, but no longer flashy.) I still have the coat to the most conservative of the three I bought—it is black with silver lightning flashes embroidered all over it. The other two were light blue with white snowflakes and multi-colored geometric print. I asked if they would hold them until Saturday, they agreed, and mentioned shoes in the back at ten dollars a pair. I bought three pairs, one red and black, one green, and one a brown and white checkerboard pattern. Believe it or not I already had a suit that matched the last pair. The boy did dress bad—the Divine Supply showed up in excess. Expect excess.

What are you expecting? Jesus expected five loaves and two fishes to feed a multitude. He took what was at hand, saw what He had, recognized the place of growth, and looked up, not down. He knew the importance of ordering one's thoughts, blessed the moment, and expected excess. What do you expect? I expect Divine Supply.

My prayer is that you are well and prospering during these strange days that we find ourselves in. Our people are, as I have been teaching on “Recession Proof Your Life,” over the last several weeks. I’m releasing my little four-minute videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can catch them on this platform or at and on Facebook @Aspirehurchtv. You can also Livestream our Sunday service there as well, 10:00 a.m. EDT.

I mentioned earlier that the hundred dollars my father gave me for my first evangelistic vehicle worked out pretty well for him. Let me explain. Immediately after he sowed that seed his little business took off. When that pick-up full of drunk cowboys hit my car, he called me a few days later asking, “Would you like a ’63 Thunderbird?” I said, “Yes!” He paid five hundred dollars for it. His business boomed again. Later he supported my ministry with a hundred dollars a week. His business prospered as long as he operated in principle. When he stopped it didn’t. Principle always works.


Let me encourage you to sow a seed into this ministry. It’s not a matter of need… it’s a matter of seed… and seed sown into good ground reproduces, (according to Jesus), 30…60… and 100fold. As you sow I am claiming the prophet’s reward that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 10:41 for your life. Expect excess!

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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