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If You Want SUPER Natural Prosperity… Do these things!

Dear Reader… I began this blog at the very beginning of these “strange days” and then got sidetracked keeping our church on track, the writing reflects that. BTW—the church is web based for the season and on track!

One of the things that I have been doing is preparing and posting three minute videos on all of my platforms three times a week that will help you to weather these strange days with peace, power, preservation, and prosperity—what we call “The Blessing of the House.” I encourage you to watch the videos. I’m sharing fifty years of supernatural experience, healing, and Divine Supply… the videos really will help you.

Now on to the blog:

These are challenging times for sure. The NBA has cancelled the rest of their season. That’s a nine billion dollar industry basically shutting down. The stock market “circuit breaker” was tripped twice in two days, halting sales. The stores are out to toilet paper!!! And toilet paper has nothing to do with Corona Virus or the stock market. What’s a person to do?

Back in the late Seventies, early Eighties we experienced double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, double digit, (and where we were located it was high double digits), unemployment, and gas lines that lasted for hours if gas could be found. In spite of all of that our church family prospered. It was amazing. There was no natural explanation. Everyone had a story. I was teaching them to prosper and they were applying the principles. It was super natural. We may be at such a time. I hope not. But, if we are, I know the principles that create prosperity, even in adversity, and will happily share it with you.

Most people want to prosper, but most people don’t know how. That is why the rich stay rich and the rest keep trying. This lesson, (because that’s what these blogs actually are—lessons), will teach you how to experience super, natural prosperity.

You will notice that I separated super and natural. I believe in supernatural prosperity because I have experienced it personally, and I have untold numbers of testimonies from people that have applied what I teach and experienced it for themselves. (If you’re not one of them I hope that you will be.) But most prosperity comes through natural means, and everyday activities. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to apply some super to your natural—that is the secret to accelerated prosperity. And that is what I want to show you how to do—add some super to your natural.

Early on we had one car. We didn’t need two because we were traveling and I did most of the driving, always a late model Cadillac. We began our Lima church and The Beautiful Lady needed a car. Unfortunately our income went from plenty to scant when we left the road to begin a storefront church with fifty people, and another car payment wasn’t in the budget. Enter the rusted out red Pinto station wagon. It was rough but it ran. And it was three hundred dollars. The Beautiful Lady had a car, a rather homely car, but a car none-the-less.

Half a dozen months passed, we moved into the theater building, the church grew, and I began to feel a little guilty driving a Coupe Deville, while she drove a Pinto. So I began to looking for another car. I found a perfectly acceptable mid-size Pontiac at an affordable price and drove it home for her approval. Approval given I drove it back to the car dealer, telling them that I would talk to my bank about financing. A perfectly natural scenario that happens thousands of times every day. Then the super came in.

I wasn’t quite settled on the car I had found—I really felt like the Beautiful Lady should be driving something with a little more pizazz. (Do people still use the word “pizazz?”) I took a few moments to read through the classified ads and noticed that my bank had some repossessed autos for sale. I called, and was told that there was only one that I might be interested in, and probably not that one as it was in rough shape. I drove the few blocks to the banks and discovered a dirty, two year old, Thunderbird that ran as roughly as promised. But super got involved in my natural and I knew that I should buy it. I did. The bank was happy to sell it for several thousand dollars below wholesale to get it off of their books. They financed everything, including tax and tags. The car barely made it off of the lot, chugging, and coughing, the engine seemingly shot. I pulled on the street, thought, “I’m going to cure it or kill it,” mashed on the accelerator, the cough coughed three times, there was an explosion, a cloud of black smoke came from the tailpipe, the rear dug down, the tires spun, and I hit sixty in a twenty-five before I let off of the accelerator. A hundred dollars at the detail shop and the Beautiful Lady was driving a metallic lavender, (we called it “pimp pink”) T-Bird loaded with every option—and it ran like a sewing machine. Natural met super and it was kind of supernatural.

Dear Reader… another aside. I’m changing the format, so you will no longer need to go “Behind The Door” to get the goodies. I’m doing this for three reasons, 1) Since we began giving access “Behind The Door” without requiring an offering be sown it’s superfluous, 2) It makes it easier for you to keep reading, and I want you to keep reading. 3) The “Sowing” button is on the first page and I do encourage you to sow a seed. Why? Because experience tells me that people who sow into my ministry prosper, and I want you to prosper in these strange days.

Creating SUPER Natural Prosperity…


Most people want to prosper. Few people decide to prosper. Prosperity is a decision.

I can tell you when I made the decision to prosper. We were young, newly married, loved Jesus, and called to ministry. We are also broke. All of the churches that I had preached in had closed their doors to me for various reasons not of my making. Finally two churches in North Carolina invited me to hold revivals for them. We loaded the dog, the cat, and the kid, in the car, and made the trip from Dallas to Greensboro, where we checked into a twelve dollar a night motel. I called the pastor of the church and discovered that she postponed the meeting without telling me. I called the other church and was told that part of their congregation had walked out and they could no longer host the meeting. The little money we had was running out. I was in a panic. It looked like the end. It was just the beginning.

While in prayer I remembered that my old pastor had held a meeting in Danville, Virginia, forty miles away. I tracked down the number of the church, called, talked to the pastor, explained our circumstances, and he responded, “I’ve never done this before, but this morning the Lord told me that someone was going to call and I was supposed to have them preach, and since you’re the only one that’s called that must be you.” We drove up, preached to a handful of people, the pastor received an offering that amounted to twenty dollars, took us next door to the parsonage and made us baloney sandwiches, and pulled another twenty from his billfold saying, “I want to give you this.” We drove back to the little motel, settled the bill the next morning, and on what was left of that forty dollars and the gas card my father-in-law had given me when we left Dallas, traveled home.

Somewhere outside of Greensboro I told the Beautiful Lady, “I’m the head not the tail, above only and not beneath.” We talked about what that meant as I drove straight through without stopping for anything except gas, spaghetti, peanut M&M’s, and coffee. By the time we hit Dallas I was seeing little green men dancing on the hood of the car, and when I stopped in my in-laws driveway I literally fell out the car. My mother-in-law said, “What’s going on?” And I said, “I’m the head not the tail, above only and not beneath.” With that I unloaded the car, crawled upstairs, and slept for fourteen hours. It was late Wednesday morning when I woke up.

Wednesday is significant in the Pentecostal world that I was part of. On Wednesday you went to Wednesday night service. Period. So it was, tired, discouraged, feeling a little more than defeated, without a future, we found ourselves at offering time in a service at a little dead, dull, dry Assemblies of God church. There is nothing deader, duller, nor dryer, than offering time at a little dead, dull, dry, Pentecostal church. Following the form the pastor prayed “for those that had to give and those that had not to give.” I had sixteen dollars when we arrived home, a one, a five, and a ten, sixteen dollars between me and poverty more abject than the abject poverty we were in. I got out the dollar bill.

Have you every heard the voice of God? I have. Once audibly, with results that bear out the veracity of the voice. That night I heard it inwardly, but as powerfully as if it were audible—“I though you were the head and not the tail. Act like it and give that ten.” Mental turmoil! I knew it was God but I rebuked the devil anyway, just in case. Again the voice said, “Give your ten dollar bill and act like you’re the head and not the tail, above only an not beneath.” The ushers passing the offering baskets got larger and larger as they made their way towards our pew—by the time they reached us they were eight feet tall! I stuffed the dollar bill back in my pocket, pulled out the ten, threw it in the offering basket, and sulked the rest of the service. When we left I told the Beautiful Lady, “I just gave away our last ten dollar bill.” She said, “I know.” Responses like that are how she got to be the Beautiful Lady.

The next day I called one of the churches that had closed their doors and was invited up for Saturday night, with the promise that if it went well I could return back Sunday, and after that we would see what would happen. Saturday night went well. Sunday night was better. Revival began. It lasted two weeks. The middle of the second week the pastor of a church in the next town came in and said, “I’d like to have you come to our church.” I responded, “I happen to have next week open!” I didn’t tell him that I had the week after that and the week after that open as well. That meeting led into another meeting, and before we knew it I was preaching in some of the largest churches in America. Because I decided that I was the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. Three years later we left our successful traveling ministry to begin a storefront church in a decaying rust belt city. People thought we were crazy, but I had a word from God. When they asked, “What if it doesn’t work out?” To which I replied, I’m the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.” In a year the church was on the map. In ten years we had the third largest church in town. Because we decided to prosper.

Adding super to your natural prosperity requires a decision. I found it interesting that when I had dinner with Rev. Ike he told a similar story, saying that he got tired of being broke and decided to prosper. Super natural prosperity requires a decision, a made up mind. You have to give yourself permission to prosper and let go of the negative thoughts and attitudes that open the door to penury. Making a decision to prosper may seem like a difficult thing to do when facing financial adversity but that is exactly the time to make the decision! Decide to prosper.

Make this declaration with me—you may even want to write it down and place it somewhere where you will see it often.

I’m the head not the tail, Above only and not beneath!”

I’ve made that declaration so many times over the last forty-seven years that it’s the first thing out of my mouth when a challenge comes. Because I am. And so are you. If you decide.

Let me challenge you, as the Lord challenged me all those years ago, to sow a seed into this ministry. I do not do dead, dull, dry, offerings like that little Pentecostal church. When I challenge people to give it is with purpose—to invoke spiritual principle, and to get God involved in their finances. There is a spiritual principle—when you sow into an anointing that anointing begins to work in your life. If I am known for one thing, (actually I’m known for many things!), it is an anointing for prosperity. Hit the sowing button, sow your seed, and know that I am praying for prosperity in every area of your life. Decide to prosper.

Pages have flown by and I’m not finished!

I’m going to continue this teaching next week at “The Theory of Everything,” share some stories, and three more things that will bring you “Super NATURAL Prosperity.” It will be powerful. I’ll meet you next week. Facebook @Aspirechurchtv @Leon “Doc” Stutzman

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