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Watch Out For Falling Iguanas!

It was supposed to be a warm. mid-winter trip to south Florida. Sunshine. Balmy weather. A brief respite from the cold. But it was not to be. Instead we got two days of the coldest weather see in the area for eleven years. With the warning—watch out for falling iguanas.

It seems that the invasive, a now ubiquitous, green iguanas do not like the cold. Being cold blooded their metabolisms get slower with cold, and, if it gets cold enough, they die. But before they die, they fall out of the trees that they like to roost in. (Remember the word roost.)

Full disclosure—we like iguanas. Our eldest had one for a pet. The resort we stayed at on a visit to St. Thomas had hundreds of them, some quite large, lounging on the steps that led to the beach—the Beautiful Lady had a wonderful time snapping photos of them. Iguanas aren’t warmed and fuzzy but they are entertaining to watch. But you don’t want to get hit by a cold iguana falling from a tree. Thus, the warning—watch out for falling iguanas.

We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any falling iguanas. The Beautiful Lady does have a video of a woman, going to or from a yoga session, herding a large indignant iguana across a busy intersection by swatting it with her yoga mat. But no falling iguanas.

Ill prepared for such a cold snap, (which if we had been at home would have been a warm spell), we hustled to the local mall to find suitable cold weather gear. A couple of sweaters did the job and the cold snap was over the next day. Back to sunshine, balmy weather, and eating fresh grouper alfresco overlooking the water. And no falling iguana warnings.

You may wonder that this has to do with life and successful living. The short answer is—everything. There are always unexpected turns of the weather, things often don’t turn out as you thought they would, and you have to adapt and move on. I’ve got some things to share with you, complete with iguanas, “Behind The Door.”

Before you go “Behind The Door,” let me encourage you to sow a seed into this ongoing ministry designed to help you to be from where you are to where you want to be in life. Without going into the spiritual principles that make sowing work let me say two things—

You only get out of a thing what you’re willing to sow into a thing. The seed you sow attaches a significance to what you receive. Secondly--

It is a truth found in the Bible-- You receive from the anointing that you sow into. I have an anointing for prosperity and abundance, when you sow into this anointing you should expect prosperity and abundance to manifest in your life. Thousands can testify that it has as they’ve embraced the principles that I teach. Hit the “Sowing” button, sow your seed, and expect to prosper. Then join me “Behind The Door.” And watch out for falling iguanas.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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Dr. Leon Stutzman has been called all of these things by the people that he has helped. But everyone calls him "Doc."

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