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20/20 Vision

When we were young, I used to tease the Beautiful Lady about needing glasses to fined her contacts. I had 20/10 vision, (more on that in a moment), and could see clearly at a distance. As I grew older, I noticed that reading tired my eyes, and that the distance between my eyes and the page seemed to be increasing. I finally gave in at forty-two and bought a pair of half power dime store readers. , the slippery slope! Within a few years the readers were two power and I was tired of them resting on my nose so I visited the optometrist who kindly explained that as we get older our vision changes and glasses are often needed. He asked if I flew airplanes, and when I affirmed that I did, he said that he noted that I was naturally 20/10 in my vision and that it seemed many people with 20/10 vision were flyers, and that he assumed it was because we can see better in the distance. I walked out with a prescription for bifocals—slight correction to 20/10 on the top, readers on the bottom. Now the last thing I do at night, and the first thing I do in the morning is put on my glasses. The Beautiful Lady is amused.

Vision is a powerful thing.

Let me qualify vision.

Vision is not necessarily a spiritual experience, Dolby Sound, and Technicolor. Everything that I have done in ministry has been based on a momentary vision, that was not a vision, that I had when I was nineteen. Sitting at a small desk I began to write on a sheet of notebook paper what I envisioned the future to be. Radio, television, multiple churches, traveling ministry, books, revivals—I wrote it all down and somewhere along the line lost the scrap of paper. But I never lost the vision. And the vision is still unfolding today. Vision is a powerful thing.

I qualify vision because I think in vision, I see what I’m thinking, and it was only recently that I discovered that everyone doesn’t think that way. Some people never think in vision—theirs is a more linear thought process—and when one speaks of vision they think, “I’ve never had a vision.” But everyone has had a vision, even if it was just a momentary insight into the way that things could be and should be.

It is significant that in the creation story the first thing created was light. Why did God need light? He didn’t, (still doesn’t!). While you may take the story literally if you wish, it can also be read as a metaphor for creating. All creation begins with vision, a light being turned on, an insight given, inspiration found, a word being spoken, action taken. And it makes little difference what you are creating—it begins with a vision, and proceeds in process until the desired results are reached. Vision is a powerful thing… it gets you started and keeps you going.

I wanted to slap myself. I almost did. I had direction for 2020 but didn’t have a tag line. Then inspiration struck as I prepared a radio broadcast… New Year’s Eve… 2020 Vision. Radio. Television. Churches. Traveling ministry. Books. The vision has come to pass because vision is a powerful thing.

When you join me “Behind The Door” I’m going to share insights from a visionary life and I’m going to share one of the most visionary things that you can do to make your year prosperous. It’s powerful stuff because vision is a powerful thing.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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