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Raising Your IQ

Dear Reader… If you’ve read, “Behind The Door” you may remember a chapter on this subject. Actually, an entire book could be written on the subject. This blog would be the second, or third chapter of that book, if I were to write it. This is important stuff for people that want to live a life of supernatural increase, abundance and peace of mind. And who doesn’t want to do that?!?

I assume that you have a reasonably high IQ—Intelligence Quotient. I assume that for two reasons, the first that you are reading, and the second, what you are reading—my blog. But there is another kind of IQ that opens possibilities beyond your level of intelligence, it is the IQ of Intuitive Quotient. How high is your Intuitive Quotient?

Most human capacities can be developed. I’ve taken enough intelligence tests to know that if you take enough intelligence tests you get better at them. All of us have a certain amount of native intelligence, and all of us have a certain amount of intuitive intelligence. The problem with both is that we often fail to use either, and seldom use both together. Let’s change that.

You know what intelligence is— do you know what intuition is? Intuition is that feeling, a hunch, something nagging in the inner recesses of your mind—all of which we are taught to ignore, often to our own hurt. We need to learn to be more intuitive.

The Beautiful Lady needed a car. She had one—a rusted out Pinto station wagon. It was her first car, because it was the first time that we had needed two cars, and it was what I could afford having just begun a storefront church. It was neither safe, nor a reflection on The Beautiful Lady. Shortly a search began for something more suitable.

My wife wasn’t a car person at that time. Anything with four wheels, an engine, automatic transmissions, and air conditioning would have filled the bill, and that’s what I took home for her approval. Later that day I had a feeling. You know the feeling. The feeling that you generally ignore. But this time I didn’t ignore the feeling. Instead I picked up the classified ad section of the paper, and began, (in those pre-internet days), to look for a car. I saw an ad. My bank had three repos for sale. I called. The manager said, you probably don’t want any of them, but you might be interested in the ’77 T-Bird. He went on to say that it was in rough shape but I was welcome to look at it. I still had that feeling so I drove the few blocks to the bank.

It was rough. Dirty. And smelled like engine grease. I started it. It ran roughly. I started to walk away but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling. How much? A deal was made. Papers were signed. I thought, “I’ve probably made a bad mistake.” But I still had that feeling. She dropped me off at the car and headed home. I started it up, and went ca-chunk-a-chunk-a-chunk through the parking lot. It barely made it to the street. As I pulled out of the lot I thought, “I’m going to cure it or kill it,” and stepped on the gas. Nothing. For a moment. Then the sound of a small explosion, a black cloud of smoke from the tail pipe, then the engine roared to life, the tires dug in the asphalt, and I was doing fifty-five in a twenty five! The T-Bird never gave us a moments problem. Cleaned up it looked like new—metallic rose, (or as I called it, “pimp pink”), burgundy interior, matching mag wheels, and every option that Ford put on that model T-Bird. She looked good in it. I had a feeling she would.

We are all born, to one degree or another, intuitive. But most of us were told that it was just our imagination, feelings can’t be depended upon, and that we live in a real world. And sometimes it is just your imagination. And feelings can’t always be depended upon. And we do live in a real world. But I’m talking about something beyond your imagination, that is more than feelings, and looks straight through the real world to the reality beyond. You need to learn to develop and depend on your Intuitive Quotient, whatever quotient that may be. When you join me “Behind The Door” I’ll show you how.

Have You Sown A Seed? Given an offering? Made a donation? Several months ago I made access “Behind The Door,” available too all who wish to enter. Prior to that an offering was required to get the password. I did that as both an experiment, and because I really do want to help you, and people like you, to “Get from where you are to where you are going.” Having said that, you’ll never get out of a thing anymore than you’re willing to put into a thing. If you want to receive from an anointing you have to sow into the anointing. That is one of those universal principles that make the world go around. So I encourage you to sow a seed, give an offering, make a donation. Not because of need—but because good seed, sown into good ground, always brings a harvest. Do you want a harvest? I’m speaking a blessing on the seed you sow.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

Pastor, Author, Creative Thinker, Problem Solver, More Than A Prophet, Legend, and Icon


Dr. Leon Stutzman has been called all of these things by the people that he has helped. But everyone calls him "Doc."

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