A provocative title. Something to grab your attention. Something to make you wonder. Does Jesus really want you to be rich? He does. If you understand rich.

Rich isn’t dollars and cents, though being rich can bring you dollars and cents. Rich is an attitude toward life. Rich is whatever you define rich to be. As a young teenager, living in Upland, California, I felt rich. There were always a few coins to be found with which to buy a triple deck ice cream cone—black walnut, cherry vanilla, and pistachio nut— on the way back from the free library, loaded down with books. I was “as rich as Rockafeller” licking that melting cone as I walked up the wide boulevard lined with pepper trees, anticipating what I’d find in those books. I was rich because that’s how I defined rich. Rich is whatever you make rich to be.

Felix Dennis is worth almost a billion dollars. He made his fortune in publishing. I listened to an interview of him on Public Radio, where it was said by the interviewer, “It’s been said that you are a real #%&#$$%& to do business with.” His response was classic, “I suppose that if you’re going to be rich, as opposed to comfortably poor, you have to be a bit of a #%&#$$%&.” (Did you note how I used the same symbols each time to describe what might gently be called the offspring of a female dog?) The interviewer asked what he meant by comfortably poor. He replied, “Oh, you know, the person that only has four or five million, they’re comfortably poor.” And in the great grand scheme of things, he’s right. He didn’t make “The Forbes Four Hundred Richest” You had to have well over a billion dollars to make it. In fact, sixty billionaires didn’t make it because they just had a billion and change. Rich is relative.

I was rich walking down Euclid Ave with an armful of books, and an ice cream cone. Felix Dennis is rich with over nine hundred million dollars. Would he believe that I was rich? Only if he understands rich. Rich is relative. Rich is whatever you make it to be. There will always be people with more money than you. There will always be people with less. There will always be someone with a bigger, more expensive car or home. There will always be someone with a smaller, cheaper car or home. Rich is relative.

Rich is also an attitude. I felt rich because I had a rich attitude. If you read Felix Dennis’s book, “How To Get Rich,” you will discover that he had/has a rich attitude. I talked with a broke millionaire—he had made and lost two fortunes. He assured me that within two years he would be a millionaire again, because, as he said, “I know how to be a millionaire.” I’m sure that he made it because, a) he did know how to be a millionaire, but more importantly, b) he had a rich attitude.

Rich is whatever you define it to be… but rich is always an attitude.

When you join me “Behind The Door” I’m going to share some prosperity secrets from my book, “You Can Be A Money Magnet.” I have been told that it is one of the most balancedand practical books on the subject ever written. At the end of the blog I’ll tell you how to get a copy—and share a final word on why I want you to be rich. It’s rich reading! I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

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