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This Sunday marks the day that a searching soul, (Moi), beset by the Holy Spirit, made a Christ connection that has lasted fifty years. You might have noticed that I didn’t write, “I got saved!” That would have been the parlance of the day, and I certainly had an encounter with God, but times have changed, insight enlarged, and now I understand that salvation is a process that begins with an act, and that the process may not be completed this side of forever. Hmm?!?

There are other things that I used to believe that I now have a different perspective on. I’m going to share a some of them “Behind The Door.” Because of the nature of this week’s blog I’m going to give you the password—PROGRESS. Write it down, it’s good for the rest of the month. And next week I promise to do something on prosperity. First a little background.

I wrote earlier of committing my life to Christ as a serious fifteen-year old seeker. Not seeker in the sense of “snowflake seeker sensitive don’t do anything to offend me or I’ll leave,” but a seeker in the sense that I wanted God. That may have been why I stuck the next few months out—I really wanted God.

You would have thought my parents would have been happy when I announced that “I gave my life to Jesus!” They weren’t. My Father was controlling, my Mother had to deal with him, and together they were more than a little concerned about the church that I insisted on attending. Was it doctrinaire? Most of the people wouldn’t have known doctrinaire if systematic theology had smacked them in the face. But they knew God. They knew the power of God. They expected miracles. They wanted a move of the Spirit. They wanted more. And that’s what I wanted. More of God. Still do.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since those days. I’ve learned the word “doctrinaire,” and studied systematic theology, though I feel no real need to be either doctrinaire nor systematic. My beliefs have altered along the way. I have said that if the me then met the me now I would wonder about his salvation. But that’s really not true, because the me then would have said, “This makes a lot more sense than what they’ve told me that I’m supposed to believe.” One of my evolved quotes is, “It has to make sense.” One thing the me then and the me now would immediately agree on—we want more of God. Did then. Do now. Fifty years later.

Join me now, Behind The Door,” and discover some different perspectives on the beliefs that I had that have evolved into something more.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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