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What Do You Care?

I’ve heard it more than once lately from people that once had passion—“I just don’t care anymore.” Many reasons for not caring have been given. “I’ve tried and not reached my expectations,” “ I feel like a dinosaur,” “I don’t like the world we live in,” are just a few of the lamentations of the uncaring.

But I do care.

Because you have to care.

A common phrasing among provincial preachers is an emphatic, “Well, I don’t care…” to which is added, “whether you believe it or not,” “the devil is after you,” “anyone agrees,” “or what they say.” Often the phrase is used in a positive way, as in, “I don’t care if anyone agrees but God’s promises are true.” That’s positive. Punchy in fact. But it contains that phrase—“I don’t care.” And that’s what people hear. You don’t care.

The problem of the phrase was pointed out to me many years ago by an intelligent, and thoughtful preacher and I seldom used the phrase since. Because I care. Unless I really don’t care. But you have to care if you if you expect to get on with life.

The Beautiful Lady and I have this conversation almost every day—“Where do you want to have lunch?” “I don’t care.” Because neither of us really care because we know that we will eat at one of six or seven regular restaurants, and that we have probably already agreed mentally which of these will be today’s choice. (We’ve been together a long time… it’s telepathy!) And on those days that we haven’t agreed, we soon discover that one of us really does care, and that we both care about eating.

Do you care?

About where you’re going to eat? Or what you will wear? Or where you’re going in life? I don’t mean care in the sense of worry—that kind of care is counterproductive. I mean care in the sense of what you want to have, be, and experience—the kind of care that causes you to do the things that must be done to make it so.

Take care. Robert Schuller famously said that he didn’t like for people to tell him to “Take care.” But he was looking at the negative aspect of care. “Take care” is just shorthand for “take care of business,” “take care of yourself,” “take care of the people around you.” You have to take care to live your fullest life. And to take care, you have to care.

I care. Do you?

Join me “Behind The Door,” and I’ll share some things that will help you to take care. In the process you may find your passion renewed, and a fresh sense of purpose and destiny. If you have the monthly password you can go there right now. If you don’t have the password, hit the “SOWING” button and sow a seed in any amount. The default setting is twenty dollars

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