Building A House

My stack of AD (Architectural Digest) magazines is a foot high. I like great architecture. Admire beautiful homes. And I like the aspirational nature of AD. Just knowing that those worlds exist causes one to reach a little higher.

Frank Gehry is a name that you frequently read in AD. He designed the Guggenheim Museum, in Bilbao, Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, in Los Angeles, the “Fondation” Louis Vuitton, in Paris, and a number of other large, important edifices. He first home, built of glass, plywood, corrugated metal, and chain link drew attention to his talent in the late seventies. He and his wife lived there for decades, raising their family, and learning to ignore the tourists and students of architecture that came to see it. He was featured in this month’s issue because he has built a new house to live in as he and his wife get older. He is ninety years old—As they get older.

The new house, designed with his son, Sam Gehry, a partner in his firm, the house is built of beams, glass, and exposed metal. The floors are tile and concrete. It was described in the article as unconventional and welcoming. There are spaces for concerts, and gatherings. A separate wing for the time when they may want live-in help. In their older age. He is ninety. I am inspired.

I’m inspired because he is alive and creative at ninety. I am even more inspired because he believes that he isn’t finished with life. Most people at ninety are. That’s if they’ve lived at all. I’m inspired because he has built a house.

Building a house has social, political, psychological, and even spiritual dimensions. Every house has a design. A house is built of various components. Every one of the is needful. Rooms are created. Space is made. A house has a presence. A house creates a presence. Build your house properly, build your house creatively, and it will make a name for you and cause you to prosper. It did for Frank Gehry. It can for you.

When you join me “Behind The Door,” I’m going to share some secrets to building your house. Even if you live in the humblest of abodes, you still need to know how to build your house.

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