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My new book, “Behind The Door,” has been delivered and is available on the website. But that’s not the sponsor that I am referring to. The sponsor that I am referring to is Jesus. As I glanced through the book again, I realized that there’s really not much Jesus in it. That’s understandable because the blog isn’t written as a “Christian,” blog, it’s written as a spiritual, motivational blog designed to help you to get from where you are to where you want to be in life, and the book was taken from the blog. Having said that, Jesus has been my sponsor for almost fifty years, so permit me a few words—

I am writing this for you, kind reader, but I am also writing this for my grand-daughters, to explain why I would be a Christian even if I weren’t a believer. I’ll tell you why, “Behind The Door.” On this side of “The Door,” I’ll tell you why I believe.

I believe first because God dealt with my life in a wonderfully supernatural way before I became a Christian. Truth is, I didn’t want to be a Christian. I knew too many Christians that thought Christianity was rules, regulations, and rituals, and I didn’t want any of that. So, I studied, (at the ages or fourteen and fifteen!), comparative religion, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai, Hinduism, and the like, trying to find out who was right. And all the while God was dealing with my life in a wonderful supernatural way.

It all came together on Easter Sunday, 1969—fifty years ago this Easter. My friends cajoled me into attending church, promising me a hamburger at Burger King if I would go with them. I wanted to be a writer, and had heard that a writer never turns down a free meal, so I agreed, pending parental permission. Amazingly the parents agreed and so it was that I found myself at Souls Harbor Church—a place later described by my father as a “three ringed circus.” It wasn’t, of course, but it was close!

Let me give you a few first impressions. Souls Harbor met in an old theater, and was the largest church that I had ever been in. The congregation was cross-cultural, and the music was lively. The song leader, (in those pre-worship leader days), told the congregation that he was going to run, dropped the microphone, and ran around the center section of theater seats. When he got back to the stage he picked up the microphone and shouted, “ I can see that some of you didn’t like that, so I’m going to take it back.” Then he dropped the microphone again, and ran around the seats in the opposite direction. Shortly he introduced the pastor’s son, who would be singing a special number. The special number sounded like Frank Sinatra, and I thought, “How cool, a church with a nightclub singer.” Pastor preached, I felt something, held on for dear life, and escaped yet a heathen. And went to eat a hamburger, expecting to go home thereafter. But nooo… I found out that they went to church all day and all night. We went to street service on the mean streets of Dallas. Then out for pizza. Then to the youth service. And it was in the youth service that I made the most important choice of my life.

It was a typical dead, dull, dry, Pentecostal youth service. Don Arnold was moderating, (I’m still in touch with him to this day), trying to get the kids to “say something for Jesus.” No one had much to say. Finally, he looked at me and said, “Son, you’ve got something that you want to say.” I stood up and said, “I don’t understand any of this but I believe that Jesus is Lord.” And I felt it. And in that moment I became a believer. I have since discovered that there is a vast difference between a “Christian,” and a believer. I am to this day a believer. I was fifteen years old.

I am a believer because I’ve experienced the power of God. I have seen miracles—personally and in the lives of thousands of others in fifty years of ministry. I’ve been caught up into the spirit realm. Seen stuff. Discovered that “The Word Works For Those That Work With The Word,” (my famous quote.) I’m a believer because of the testimonies of millions through the ages that have found in the words of the Allman Brothers, “Jesus is just alright.” And I’m a believer because of the empirical evidence contained in the Bible irrefutably proves that Jesus rose from the dead. But even if I weren’t a believer, I would be a Christian. Not a religious, rules, regulations, and rituals Christian, but the kind of Christian that follows Christ. I’ll tell you why “Behind The Door.”

If you have this months password you can go “Behind The Door” right now. If you don’t, hit the “Sowing” button and sow a seed of any amount into the ministry. The default setting is $20 but that can be raised or lowered. You'll be redirected to the password page—write it down because it’s good for the entire month. Remember, “What you sow is what you grow.” I’ll meet you, “Behind The Door.”

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