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Our eldest grandchild is about to graduate from high school and I am about to ask her some questions. My worship leader has recently hit it big on YouTube, and is now in demand across the nation. I have some questions for him.

Most people live their lives taking thing as they come, and muddle through. Some people, (like Moi), have a definite direction, plan accordingly, and work the plan. Some of those people, (once again, Moi), succeed and live out the plan. A few people, (not Moi!), ask themselves the questions that need to be asked at the beginning, questions that determine the ending.

I wish that I had read about Jimmy Buffet fifty years ago. But then, fifty years ago Jimmy Buffet was just a singer with one big hit, and a couple of also rans. But he had asked himself two big questions—What do I want to do, and what can I do that will allow me to do what I want to do. His answer to the first question was easy—sail boats and fly airplanes. Since both require a certain amount of leisure time and vast amounts of money he asked what he could do that would give him both. He had made spending money in college as a singer/guitarist, and, voila, Margaritaville was born. You can read all of this in his excellent book, “A Pirate Looks At Fifty,” still a good read though both he and I are well past fifty. One big hit, “Margaritaville”, and a couple of also rans like “CheeseBurger In Paradise,” created a financial enterprise that left plenty of time for sailing and flying. All because he asked himself two questions.

There are some questions that I wish that I had asked myself fifty years ago. Questions like the ones that I have for the grandchild and the worship leader. Questions that, if answered, would have gotten me to where I am faster, and with less aggravation along the way. I’m going to share some of the questions that I should have asked myself “Behind The Door.” The immediate question is—“Will you join me there?” Followed by—“What questions do you need to ask yourself?” I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

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