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There are limits of course. Everyone isn’t going to be mega rich, look like a movie star, and sing well too. But everyone can live above their limitations. If they know how. Most don’t. But you can.

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that, according to a study of Harvard and UC/Berkley economists reported in the New Yorker magazine, your opportunities for upward mobility are as good today as they were in 1970. The bad news is that they weren’t all that good in 1970. Only 7.5% of the children born to those at the bottom income level have a chance to reach the top. And that varies on geographic local—in Charlotte, North Carolina the number is 4.5%, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the number is 11%. Ironically, upward mobility is easier in Europe than in the United State, unless you live in an area like San Francisco, or Washington, D.C. All of these facts seem to indicate a glass ceiling, circumstances that cause limitation, but 7.5% of the poorest reach beyond the facts to become the richest. Limitation is a lie.

You are not limited by the lie of limitation. You are a bundle nerves wired together by muscle and sinew, endued with intellect, and an indominable spirit. You are a package of potential. The question is—“What will happen to all of that potential?”

I have a bag full of little flashlights hidden away in a drawer, the leftovers from a promotion that I did. Each flashlight contains a power source, a lamp, and a switch. Hit the switch and power pours into the lamp, the lamp fulfills its purpose and light shines. A bag full of little flashlights sit in the darkness of that drawer, their potential untapped because the switch has yet to be hit. Are you one of those flashlights?

Everyone has limitations. And it’s good to know your limitations, because you can’t rise above your limitations until you know what they are. You can live beyond your limitations. Hit the switch. Turn on the power. Let your light shine.

When you join me “Behind The Door” I’ll share some practical, spiritual, principles, that will help you to live beyond your limitations. It’s the first of the month and you’ll have to get the password, but that’s easy, hit the sowing button and sow a seed of any amount into the ministry and you will be redirected to the password page. The seed you sow is more than an investment into this ministry, it’s an investment in yourself, a declaration that you will live above your limitations. I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

Dr. Leon Stutzman

Pastor, Author, Creative Thinker, Problem Solver, More Than A Prophet, Legend, and Icon


Dr. Leon Stutzman has been called all of these things by the people that he has helped. But everyone calls him "Doc."

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