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You may recognize the headline as a play on Fifty Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Trying,” the title of an album and his memoir. And you may, justifiably, think that this is about how to get money. It’s not. It’s about living richly. Which is something anyone can do because it doesn’t take money to live richly.

Riches may be monetary, and as such are subject to the whims of economy and personal choices, or riches may be those intangibles that create a rich life. I’m more interested in the latter than the former, because if you are rich in the intangibles that create a rich life money generally follows. People that struggle for riches seldom attain them. And often, if they do attain them, they don’t retain them, or they spend their lives trying to hold on to what they have to their own hurt. Outward riches don’t mean much if you’re not rich inwardly.

Which brings me back to the headline— ”Be Rich…. Or Live Tryin’.” Rich is a state of being that has little to do with dollars and cents. I can walk through the woods “rich as Rockefeller” to use a homespun cliché. Why? Because I recognize the abundance all around. If you know what to look for, you’ll never starve in the woods. I can look at a clear sky and feel rich—how much wealth is in the stars? And I own them as much as anyone else does! All I have to do to tap into their riches is figure out how to get there. That last is both metaphorically and metaphysically true. And it might be psychologically and literally true! Riches come when you see them and reach them. Be Rich… Or Live Tryin’.”

I’ll share some ideas on how to live richly “Behind The Door.” If you have this months password you can go there right now. If you don’t have the password hit the “Sowing” button and sow a seed in any amount into the ministry and you will be redirected to the password page. The default setting is $20 but many sow more and at this writing no one is sowing less. The password is good for the entire month, so write it down. Next week I’ll be sharing some practical things that you can do to live richly.” I’ll meet you, “Behind The Door.”

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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