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What happens when the IRRESISTIBLE FORCE meets the IMMOVABLE OBJECT?

The question is the secular version of a Zen Buddhist Koan. There is no answer. It’s a paradoxical riddle meant to provoke thought. Like the Koan—“what is the sound of one hand clapping?” There is no sound of one hand clapping. It takes two hands to clap. The thought is that we need each other to experience life.

So that happens when the irresistible force meets the immovable object?

They cooperate. Each has nothing to prove. One irresistible. The other immovable. They rest in the assurance of their irresistibility and immovability.

Cooperation is among the most powerful forces in the universe. It seems to be embedded in our DNA. How else can you explain living in a village, town, or city? Each is a model of cooperation. We drive down cooperatively laid roads, paid for with dollars we cooperatively agreed to provide, to homes plumbed with cooperatively engineered pipes that provide water from a cooperative source. You may subscribe to the notion of the rugged individualist, but even the lone mountain men of old met together in their yearly rendezvous to buy, sell, trade tall tales, and drink corn likker. (That is the proper way to spell “likker” if it’s homemade as theirs was.) Even rugged individualists gain through cooperation.

So why do some people have such a difficult time cooperating? Even when cooperation is beneficial to them personally? They are neither immovable, nor irresistible and live in the limbo of insecurity that refuses to recognize that cooperation make the immovable and irresistible even more so.

Do you want to learn to live cooperatively? I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

It’s the beginning of a new month and a New Year so you’ll need to sow a seed to get the password that gets you “Behind The Door.” The seed can be any amount. The default setting on the “Sowing” button is twenty dollars, but that can be lowered, (no one does), or raised, (many do). I set it up this way so that anyone that wants to invest in themselves can find the help and encouragement that’s always found “Behind The Door.” Sow your New Year seed and you will be redirected to the password page. Write it down as it’s good for the entire month.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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