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Ten For Tenacity

There is a story that tells a tale of tenacity. A man and a pea patch that he refused to cede to his enemy. He wasn’t tenacious because of nature. His nature was desolate, depressed. He wasn’t tenacious because of his background. He father was a hillbilly named after a foreign king. He was tenacious because that’s what it took to get what he wanted. And he wanted what he wanted badly enough to fight for it. Tenaciously. The story is in the Bible.

Few things just fall in your lap. Most things, whether relationship, position, prosperity, or even peace of mind, have to be pursued tenaciously. None of these things just happen. Most of the good things of life just happen.

I am tenacious. If I believe it to be a word from God, something advantageous, or just something that I really want I will pursue it until it happens.

I’ve had to be tenacious. I’m not second or third generation ministry. I didn’t complete my education until my early forties. I didn’t have a mentor. But I did have a vision. And the anointing. And a heart for God. So I had to be tenacious.

I don’t understand people that lack tenacity. I suppose that they lack the right kind of ambition. I’m not talking about raw ambition. Ambition alone may lead you astray. It has more than one. But ambition tempered by ethics, morality, and a general sense of the rightness of a thing will make you tenacious. And tenacity, all things being equal, will see you through to success in any endeavor.

With that in mind, let me share ten quotes on success, along with my commentary. I’ll started with two on this side of “The Door” and share the other eight “Behind The Door.”



W.V. Senior, (as opposed to his more controversial son W.V. Junior, whom I’ve known and who is a really nice guy), was my pastor. He was a funny little man with a dry sense of humor. And he was tenacious. One of his favorite Arkansas colloquialisms was “You’ve got to have a back bone like a saw log. He did.

He was healed of osteomyilitus when others were dying of the dread disease because he made up his mind that he was healed. He became one of the Voice Of Healing revivalists, and when his health failed due to the strain of the revival ministry he ran the Voice Of Healing office. He laughed at himself when he told me the story of one of the revivalists bartering a box of diamond rings that women had dropped in the offering in exchange for his advertising bill saying, “I didn’t know what to do with them for I set them in a box on the counter and sold them for five dollars each.” W.V. Senior began Souls Harbor. Leroy Jenkins financed it for him and Ralph Hart put it on the map. He mailed out to two million homes each month, wrote six hundred thirty page books, (actually thirty books under six hundred titles), and died with two million in the bank. All because he had a back bone like a saw log.



If you’ve never had a defeat you have never tried. Anyone that’s tried, even when they put it all on the line, has seen defeat. Tenacious people see defeat as a challenge, a clarion call to get up, get going, and get the victory.

“If you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small” is a famous proverb. Rodney Atkins sang the country song, “If you’re going through hell keep on going”, cribbing the line from Winston Churchill, who himself saw a bit of adversity that he overcame by sheer tenacity. Tenacity will bring you through adversity.

We went through a tough time a number of years ago caused by a confluence of the economic meltdown, transitional times, and my lack of evangelical correctness, (which is a terrible form of political correctness). I thought about giving up. Could have done something different. And on a few days actually wanted to. But tenacity kept me from it and I’m happy to report that tenacity won the day. The Kingdom advances, Jesus yet remains Lord, and we’re doing quite well, thank you very much! A single defeat is not your final defeat. Be tenacious.

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