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“A feast is made for laughter, wine maketh merry, but money answers all things” Ecclesiastes 10:19

We recently did a road trip from Dayton to Oklahoma City, with stops in Memphis and Little Rock. We usually don’t do road trips, preferring to fly, but the journey made me reminisce about the “good old days”.

In the good old day I loaded my ’55 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe with clothes and Bible, and with a tank of gas and two dollars headed off to some small church that had opened its doors to a boy preacher. The two dollars bought a Dairy Queen burger, fries, and coke at the mid-point of the trip. When I arrived I stayed (variously) in a spare bedroom, an unfinished orphanage, a Sunday school room, six dollar a night hotels where you never got lonely because the cockroaches kept you company.

I’m glad I don’t live in the good old days.

On this trip I rented an SUV because I didn’t want to put the miles on my Cadillac. We stayed in nice hotels at good prices because I know how to work Priceline. (Should I do a blog on that?). We ate a good restaurants with wonderful friends and had a CHURCH CHANGING meeting that was HIGHLY PROPHETIC along the way. I had cash in my pocket the three Platinum cards in my wallet. The good old days weren’t that good.

What changed? I learned the truth of the text—money answers all things. Let me share seven things that money says. Money talks and If you listen to it have more of it. What’s it saying?


That’s all money is—an idea. Whether wam-pum, lira, pesos, francs, or dollars, money is just an idea. You don’t have a money problem—you have an idea problem.

Edison began as a paper boy but he had an idea. Bill Gates had an idea. Wozniak and Jobs improved on the idea. A janitor I knew had an idea—start a janitorial company. He became quite prosperous. What’s your BIG IDEA? Proprietary ideas are the number three biggest wealth creators.

BTW—it doesn’t have to be an original idea. Mrs. Fields began a chocolate chip cookie company and became rich. Famous Amos copied the idea and became just as rich. There are ideas everywhere!

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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