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Someone said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over an over, expecting different results each time. By that humorous, (but true!) definition I know a lot of insane people. They keep doing the same things, going around the same mountain, and wondering why things aren’t working. This series is for them.


Then there is the more serious realization the world, indeed, is a crazy place. One only needs to watch the nightly news to verify that. We live from crisis to crisis, (mostly manufactured), egregious event to egregious event, and don’t get me started on our fractured political system! It all adds up to a crazy world. And the craziness in the world has a way of taking a toll on you. How can you stay sane in an insane world? Let me tell you!

You have to know your destiny. You have a destiny. God knew you from the foundation of the world. His hand has been on your life forever. He knows your “uprisings and your sitting downs.” He orders your steps. You will reach your destiny. If you don’t allow the insanity in the world to distract and derail you.

You need to know your source. Your source is Eternal, the world is temporal. Your source is inexhaustible, the world is finite. The world changes. Sometimes for the good. Sometimes for ill. But your source never changes. “I am the Lord thy God, I change not.”

To stay sane in an insane world you need to create an island of order in the midst of chaos. You need to learn how to put up an invisible barrier between you and the craziness. And occasionally a real barrier between you and the crazies.

Most of all, you need to find your balance.

An older friend told me a few years ago that as I got older I would need to stay off of ladders and other things that required balance. I thought to myself, “The devil is a liar!” (That’s Biblically accurate even though he was my friend—devil means accuser and he was accusing me of getting old!). So, I do something every day to maintain my sense of balance. As should you!

Of course, I’m not just writing about natural balance. If you want to stay sane in an insane world you have to learn to maintain an inner equilibrium— an inner balance, a sense of calm, the serenity that comes from knowing who you are, what you have, and where you’re going. Maintaining balance requires awareness, practice, and sometimes putting up those before mentioned walls. The alternative is slowly sinking into the insanity that’s in the world.

You can stay sane in an insane world. If you want to.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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