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Going First Class

David Nunn was one of the great Voice of Healing evangelists and a first class act. He was kind to me when he didn’t have to be back in the days when I was an extremely poor, struggling in so many ways, young preacher. I repaid the favor years later when he was one of the first speakers that we hosted in Dayton. He was also one of the first real prosperity preachers.

One of the classic David Nunn stories tells of an incident in which an old friend visited him at his home. Mrs. Nunn answered the door and told the man, “David is in the pool in the backyard, walk around the side of the house and let yourself in.” The man walked into the backyard where Brother Nunn was floating in the pool. He made his way to the edge. His friend stood over him and said, with a bit of envy in his voice, “My, hasn’t God blessed you.” To which Nunn replied, “Stay humble son, God will bless you too.”

I’m writing this waiting in the boarding area of an American airlines flight to Dallas, where we’ll connect with my sister and drive up to western Oklahoma. There I’ll speak a word into a local church and my mother will catch up with her brother and his family. Consider this a road trip with some insight into first class living. We are flying First Class.

I don’t always fly First Class but certainly do when I can. And on this particular flight first isn’t much more than coach after you pay all of the coach upcharges. (Helpful travel hint—compare coach with upcharges to first class without. On this flight first is an extra fifty bucks and well worth it.)

Besides that, I’ve been getting some really good First Class deals ever since I had a conversation with a close friend and world traveler. He travels the world flying coach and I told him that, given the length of his trips (he goes to Mongolia!), age, and stature, he should be flying First Class. I volunteered that if the ministries hosting him weren’t willing or able to fly him first he should ask his friends and supporters to each kick in a hundred bucks for the upgrade. And I volunteered to be the first one every time. He floated the idea without any response, but since that time I’ve been getting some amazing First Class deals—God honors a willing heart!

Having said that, flying First Class isn’t what it used to be—at least on this flight. Instead of a white table cloth, crystal glasses, and a fine meal, it’s an upgraded basket of chips and a plastic cup. No complaints—the seats are still wider!

You may take exception to all of this talk about First Class but, truth be told, Jesus lived a first class life. He ate so well that His accusers accused Him of gluttony. He drank fine wine and they accused Him of being a winebibber—an accusation that He didn’t refute. And we can extrapolate that it was fine wine because when He turned water into wine the sommelier declared it to be “the best wine.” He may have been thinking First Class living when He said, “I am come that they might have life and that more abundantly.”

That doesn’t mean that traveling the road of life is always easy. There are detours and delays. Flights get canceled and every traveler know the terror of a tight connection. I’ve had baggage arrive long after I did and more than one long wait at the baggage claim. But a first class life takes it all in stride knowing that the destination has been determined and that determination will get you to your destination.

Along the way be nice to the people that check your bags-- they’ll get there. And to the people that work the ticket counters—they have to deal with a lot of stressed out people living lesser lives. Tip well. You may never see that particular porter, bellman, or valet again but Jesus said, “And whatsoever ye would that men do unto you, do also to them.” Good has a way of coming back to you again.

Most of all, enjoy the journey. Every time I take a flight, whether coach or First, I always take moment to be thankful because in “the good old days” I’d load up my sixteen year old Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe with my stuff, fill the tank with gas, and, with two dollars in my pocket, head off to some little church in the middle of nowhere. There I’d stay in— a Sunday school room, the pastor’s house, an unfinished (i.e. no windows or doors) future orphanage, and on one occasion a glorified dog house. That made the six dollar a night hotels where you never got lonesome because the cockroaches kept you company look like First Class to me. And all along the way I’ve enjoyed the journey. That’s what First Class is really all about.

When you join me “Behind The Door” I’m going to share some more thoughts on First Class living, and how you can live more abundantly. If you have the monthly password you can go there right now. If you don’t have the password hit the “Sowing” button and sow a seed of any amount into this ministry. The default is set at twenty dollars but you can raise or lower that amount. Some raise that amount knowing that good seed in good ground produces a good harvest. One or two sow less and that’s okay—I set it up this way so that anyone can meet me “Behind The Door.” I’ll see you there! BTW—save the password. It’s good for the entire month.)

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