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This isn’t a sermon it’s an observation— Jesus said about His life, “I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it up again.” He believed in what He had. You’ve got to believe in what you’ve got.

I was in a gym full of basketball players dressed in a coat and tie, back in the days I often wore a coat and tie. I was well behind the key, in the three point area, when they lost the ball and it came my way. I caught it amid laugher, hoots and hollers to “Shoot it!” They all knew I didn’t play basketball. So I shot it. A perfect swish as the ball went through the hoop. Dead silence from the ballers. None of them could have made the shot. I don’t play basketball but I believe in what I got.

I was still in a state of Divine flow as we were walking up to the green-room after a powerful time of ministry. My escort stopped at locked door at the top of the stairs and took out a ring of fifty or more keys. He said, “This isn’t my key ring and I’m not sure which one I need as he began to try a random key. I took the keys from him and said, “Let me do it.” He looked at me and said, “Pastor, you don’t have to do that” as I felt the keys. One felt right so I took it and opened the door. His jaw dropped as far as it could drop and he asked, “How did you do that?” “I believe in what I’ve got.”

If you want to succeed you have to believe in what you’ve got.

Robert Zimmerman was a song writer who wanted to be a singer. Record companies wanted his music but not his voice. He believed in what he had and wouldn’t sell the songs without the voice. Record producer John Hammond signed him and the other Columbia producers dubbed it “Hammonds Folly.” Bob Dylan is the stuff of legend because he believed in what he had. He and the world are richer for it.

You may have seen the popular television show “Shark Tank”. Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the rejects from that show? Shawn Davis pitched “Chef Big Shake” a shrimp burger was one of those rejects. Their sales have grown from thirty-thousand dollars to six million annually and Mark Cuban has said that he regrets not buying in. A shrimp burger?!? Shawn Davis is prospering because he believes in what he’s got.

James Martin pitched Copa Vi Vino, a single glass serving of wine. Offers were made but the offers required diluting the product or were otherwise unacceptable. Martin walked away but Copa Di Vino is now available in forty-two states and he owns a hundred percent of the equity because he believed in what he had.

You’ve got to believe in what you’ve got. Your idea. Your talent. Your product. The problem is knowing what you’ve got. Some people overestimate what they’ve got. More underestimate. Few actually know. You’ve got to know what you’ve got to believe in what you’ve got.

What do you have? And do you believe in what you’ve got? Jesus believed in what He had. That’s something to think about in this Easter season.

“Behind The Door” I’m going to show you how to discover what you’ve got and why you’ve got what you’ve got. More than that, I’m going to show you why you need to believe in what you’ve got. It’s powerful. It’s life changing. If you have your password you can go “Behind The Door” right now. If you don’t have your password go to the “Sowing” button and sow a financial seed of any amount and the password will be emailed to you. The default setting is $20 but you can raise (many do) or lower that amount. Remember—what you sow is what you grow and one times one is still one! The password is good for the rest of the month so write it down. Every week I add something that will help you to get from where you are to where you want to be in life.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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