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Making Miracle Money

She was a sweet little country woman living on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. It was one of those rare times when I held back to back meetings in an area. After attending my first meeting she approached me in the second and asked to talk. She told me her story—

“When you were here before you told us to expect financial miracles. Right after that I was cleaning a booth at the diner where I work at closing time and I found four hundred dollars wrapped in a rubber band. My boss is a good Jewish man and he told me to hold on to it and if someone didn’t come in asking about it to keep it.”

I thanked her for the testimony (this stuff works!) and started to walk away. She stopped me saying, “But what shall I do with the money?” I said, “Do you still have it?” “I just kept it and it’s been over six weeks” as her words trailed off. “Do you need anything?” I asked. “I need some tires for my car.” “What’s that going to cost?” “About three hundred dollars.” “Well, I said, I’d pay my tithe, buy some tires, and spend the rest on a new dress.” She walked away happy.

I love miracle money stories and I have a lot of them, the results of years of teaching people how to prosper. The very idea of “miracle money” may stretch your thinking but I remind you that when Jesus and Peter needed money for taxes miracle money appeared in a fish’s mouth.

You may have heard me tell of my first experience with miracle money. We were living in a poor part of Dallas and my parents were among those poor. There was scarcely money for groceries as we walked to the store. Just before leaving the house I told my worried mother, “The Lord will provide.” The crazy thing is that I wasn’t especially “Christian” but I did feel an inner confidence that Divine provision would manifest. Walking onto the almost deserted parking lot of the grocery store I saw something laying on the asphalt in the waning light. Forty dollars. Cash. After I counted it I handed it to my mother saying, “The Lord did provide.” He still does.

There is a realm of prophetic prosperity. You may take exception to this but I’ve seen too much to doubt it now. My bona fides are roots in the miracle movement that sprang from “The Voice of Healing” organization. I’m also rational, analytical, a practitioner of critical thinking, well read, and (because it’s pertinent) have a relatively high IQ. I have seen, and still see, a lot of miracles— I make no apology for that. And some of them have been money miracles.

Here’s the thing about miracles. They don’t just happen. They didn’t just happen in the pages of the Bible and they don’t just happen today. There is a pattern. Miracles (and miracle money) happens according to that pattern. “Behind The Door” I’ll share the pattern and show you how move into that fourth dimension that we call the supernatural. It will make perfect sense—remember I’m rational analytical, and a critical thinker. Before we go there let me share one more money miracle.

We called him “Brother Yount” because he was the head deacon and handyman at the little “Free Holiness” church I was the preaching pastor. He was a good old man, living on social security augmented with the squirrels that he poached from the woods in back of the church. One Sunday he walked up to me and said, “Pastor, you’re the only one I can tell this to because you’re the only one who will believe it.” (BTW—Miracles require the ability to believe and I have always had a high “believe-ability.)

He went on to say that he needed four hundred dollars to his grand-sons dental work. That was a small fortune to him. He believed it would come and had an expectation. He said that the day before he talked to me he was mowing his lawn and saw something fly past his mower that didn’t look like grass. He picked it up—it was a hundred dollar bill. He stuck it in his pocket, kept mowing (that was a rational decision!) and by the time he finished he had picked up two fifties and another hundred dollar bill. Four hundred dollars. Just what he needed. There wasn’t a bank bag in the ditch or a store for a half mile. How did that money get there at that very moment? It was miracle money.

“Behind The Door” I’ll share a couple of more miracle money stories and tell you what it takes to see prophetic prosperity manifest in your life. If you have the password you can go there right now. If you don’t have the password hit the “Sowing” button and sow a seed of any amount. The default setting is twenty dollars but you can raise the amount (many do) or lower it (as one or two do). Remember “What you sow is what you grow” and “One times one is still one”! Save the password—it’s good for the rest of the month. I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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