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Hiding In Plain Sight… the greatest secret to spiritual and secular success

It was a warm summer Sunday, we were fourteen, dinner was done, the old folk were talking, as my second or third Hutterite cousin and I rambled the farm. I saw the pond and in those days I couldn’t pass a wading pool without throwing in a hook. My cousin said, “I can’t go fishing on Sunday.” My job, even then, (and even though I was only nominally Christian), was breaking down religious tradition, so it wasn’t long before our lines were in the water. I caught a large catfish and he got in trouble. Trouble because he couldn’t throw a nice dinner back in the pond, trouble because he wasn’t supposed to be fishing, and trouble because he listened to his “English” second or third cousin, i.e. Moi. (Hutterites are an offshoot of the Amish and in Amish parlance anyone not Amish is “English.”) My parents were mildly embarrassed by this breach of religious protocol but couldn’t say much because they weren’t very good Sabbath keepers either. We were never invited back but my second or third Hutterite cousin did attend my meetings years later when I was in the area.

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with the greatest secret to spiritual and secular success, a secret hiding in plain sight. Everything. The secret is the Sabbath. But not the Sabbath as the religious understand it, but the principle behind the Sabbath.

It is significant that Jews, Moslems, and Christians all have a Sabbath. Within Christendom there is some small argument as to when the Sabbath should be held with some being Saturday Sabbath keepers and some Sunday. Since Saturday is my most secular day (I learned that one from John Osteen) and Sunday is a work day for me (think about it!) it might be said that I don’t keep a Sabbath. But I do. Continually. Constantly. Everyday. I’ve discovered the Sabbath secret hidden in plain sight. A secret that guarantees success every time. Have you figured it out?

It seems to be a footnote but it’s actually a revelation of one of those universal principles that work both the spiritual and secular worlds— “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.” Was God tired from the exertion of creation? If so the nature of God is challenged—omnipotence can’t become tired. So why did God rest? And what’s the secret.

I want you to look at rest from the perspective of the writer of Hebrews—a cessation from work. Theologians link the cessation of works to grace—and while that may be true it obscures the secret. Look at what the phrase actually says—cessation from work. Cessation of work implies that work that has already been done. This is not a theological statement it is an ontological statement. God did what need to be done… set creation in order… established the outcome… then stepped away from His work. It is the greatest secret to secular and spiritual success. Do what needs to be done… set things in order to achieve your desired results… establish the outcome… then step away from your work. Enter into your rest. Find, (to quote the Daily Show) “Your moment of zen.”

The secret has been hiding in plain sight. Every commandment to Sabbath was just a reminder to do what needs to be done… order the circumstances that will achieve the desired outcome… then rest in the security and serenity that it will be done. The secret works in the secular world… it works in the spiritual… and it will work for you.

When you join me “Behind The Door” I’m going to share some things that will help you to enter into your rest. Some of them are practical. Some of them are very spiritual. One or two a mystical. But it you practice them you will find your rest and you will be much further along the way to achieving your desired outcome in life, ministry, and business.

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Dr. Leon Stutzman

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