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Breaking The Spirit of Poverty

There was, many years ago in Dallas, Texas, an old time Holy Ghost miracle man by the name of F.A. Spencer. “Brother Spencer” as he was known had a daily radio broadcast and whatever his message for the day was it always ended with him railing against the “spirit of poverty.” I’d listen and laugh, but all of these years later I am fairly well convinced that there is a spirit of poverty.

You may read “spirit” however you want. As an entity or as an attitude. Both are equally applicable and both are equally despicable. The spirit of poverty grinds down adults and stunts children. It keeps all who are touched by it from reaching their full potential. I hate poverty.

I have a saying that I have used for many years. It sounds hard but it isn’t. You just have to listen when you hear it—“I don’t care if you come to this church poor, but I do care if you stay poor because I don’t want a church full of poor people.”

I am happy when poor people align themselves with my teaching and anointing. It won’t happen overnight, but when they do, if they do, they begin to prosper. I have forty years of testimonies that tell that truth. I care if they stay poor because that means they’re not getting it. And I want everyone that is connected to me to prosper. Even you. If we’re connected.

I also have personal reasons for hating poverty. I was raised poor. I’ve been virtually homeless, scraping together ten dollars a week so I could stay at a rundown boarding house eating beans and cornbread. I’ve driven my share of cars held together by rust and baling wire. And I’ve known what James Baldwin meant when he said, “It’s extremely expensive to be poor.” Poverty does take a toll on you.

So what creates a spirit of poverty?

A mindset.

His disciples criticized the woman’s extravagance as she broke a bottle of expensive perfume over Jesus head. (Luke’s gospel adds that she washed His feet with her tears—that would have gotten Him kicked out of an Evangelical church today!) The disciple’s response was evidence of their poverty mindset. Jesus called them out on it saying, “The poor you have with you always.” He knew that as long as people have a spirit of poverty they will remain poor.

Why rich people stay rich.

A mindset.

I read with interest an article on “Fourteen Things Rich Parents Tell Their Children.” There wasn’t anything on the list that I haven’t consistently taught for many years. Rich people stay

rich because they know how to be rich. Poor people stay poor because they only know how to be poor. Break the spirit of poverty. Learn to be rich.

When you join me “Behind The Door” I’m going to show you “Seven Ways To Go Broke.” If you know what causes poverty you can break the spirit of poverty. And if you want to prosper you just do the opposite of the things that cause poverty. It is the beginning of the month so you’ll need to sow a seed to get the password that gives you access “Behind The Door”. Go to the “Sowing” button, sow a seed in any amount and the password will be automatically sent via email. The password is good for the entire month and you may want to write it down. The default setting on “Sowing” is $20 but you can raise or lower that amount. Remember—“What you sow is what you grow” and “One times one is still one.” Don’t let the spirit of poverty keep you from going “Behind The Door”—I’ll meet you there.

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