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Do you want to prosper? I mean, do you really want to prosper? Because until you really want to prosper you’ll never do the things that one must do to prosper. Most people say that they want to prosper but they really don’t—they have a wish and not a want. Do you have the want? Because if you do you’ll want to read this blog more than once and you’ll want to go “Behind The Door” to get (in the words of the immortal Paul Harvey, “The rest of the story”).

The Universe operates on spiritual law. Jesus acknowledged this when He said, “He makes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain upon the just and the unjust.” That’s what makes a spiritual law a spiritual law—it’s universal, working for anyone, anywhere, at any time, for those willing to work it. The Greek philosopher Aristotle called them metaphysical laws—laws that go beyond natural laws to produce what appears to be supernatural results. If you want to see beyond the ordinary prosperity you need to operate in The Law of Prosperity. But to operate in these laws you have to know what they are.

Do you know why a boat floats and an airplane flies? I remember as a child being terrified with the thought that the small boat my father was rowing was going to suddenly sink. Then I learned about the Law of Displacement. There are boats that are made out of concrete that float perfectly well because of the Law of Displacement. Why do airplanes fly? Because of the Law of Lift. If you’re in the air and the engine suddenly quits (been there, done that!) there’s no need to panic—the plane will continue to fly as long as there is lift. It’s the Law!

There are Laws of Prosperity. I’ll share three of them on this side of “The Door.” Operating in these three laws will certainly help you to prosper. “Behind The Door” I’ll give you eight more Laws that guarantee prosperity. More on that in a moment. The first three Laws concern sowing. The remaining eight will show you how to have your harvest and increase.

You may be thinking, “That’s a lot of laws!” But they all work together and once you’re aware of them they work intuitively. And besides that—Do you really want to prosper? If so the Laws of Prosperity are for you. The first three—


You’ll never have the harvest if you don’t plant the seed. If you don’t sow you won’t grow. These statements work in every area of your life. If you sow into a relationship you’ll reap from that relationship. If you sow into yourself by way of education, reading, or any other form of self-improvement you’ll reap the harvest of a better life. If you sow finances you will reap financial blessings.

On the latter, I have heard more than one person recite the pious platitude, “I never expect to receive back when I give.” To which I say, “Why not?” Would a farmer say, “I’m planting this field but I don’t expect to get anything out of it?” I think not. Quite the contrary, the farmer sows seed with the expectation of harvest. Moreover he or she sows with the expectation that the seed that they sow is the seed that they grow. If you sow financial seed expect financial blessings—it’s the Law!

A caveat—just as a farmer doesn’t know the size or quality of the harvest the seed that you sow may not come back the next day and may not come back in the same way. I can tell you of one time in my life it happened exactly—I sowed a fifty dollar offering that I could not afford (our little church paid us an average of thirty dollars a week!) and The next day had three gifts of fifty dollars given to me from totally unexpected sources. But most of the time your harvest will come back as “financial blessings” of one size or another, needs met super abundantly, and favor found in every situation. On the other side of “The Door” I’ll share a personal story that illustrates the point.


A farmer doesn’t sow a seed expecting to reap a seed—a farmer sows a seed expecting a plant to grow that will produce many seeds. A corn planted in the ground produces as stalk, the stalk produces ears, and each ear is covered with hundreds of seeds. That’s the Law of Reciprocals.

A moment ago I mentioned the time that I sowed a fifty dollar offering and the next day received fifty dollars three times. Let me tell you the story__

We were in a meeting in Dallas, I had fifty-seven dollars in the bank and needed fifteen of that to buy gas to get back to our little church. But I felt like I was supposed to sow fifty dollars. I argued for a little bit, finally wrote out the check, threw it in the offering, and was royally ticked, saying inwardly, “They didn’t need my last fifty dollars.” And the truth is, they didn’t, but I needed to learn The Law of Reciprocals. When I walked out of the meeting I looked up into the clear night and said out loud, “If I don’t get that back I’m never giving anything again.” You may think that a rather bold statement but the Eternal and I have that kind of relationship. The next morning a business man took me to breakfast and when it was over handed me a check. When I got into my car I looked at it and it was fifty dollars. I looked up through the headliner of the car and said, “That’s good measure, You’re not off the hook yet.” When we arrived home, hidden in the junk mail, was an envelope from a young man who wasn’t a Christian and had only attended the church twice. There was a note inside that said, “Heard your wife was expecting and thought you could use this.” Taped to the note was a new fifty dollar bill. I looked up through the ceiling and said, “That’s pressed down, but You’re still not off the hook.” A few minutes later our church secretary called to say that some people who had not been to church for a while had come by her home with a tithe and that she had a check for me for (you guessed it!) fifty dollars. I looked up through the ceiling again and said, “That’s good, measure, pressed down, and shaken together—You’re off the hook.”

When you sow invoke the Law of Reciprocals—sow your seed and expect a harvest.


I’m only going to touch on this because there are so many misconceptions about tithing. Tithing isn’t a “Jewish thing” or a “Christian thing”— tithing is a universal law recognized by believers and unbelievers alike. Many of the ancient cultures were tithing cultures. I read an article about a multi-millionaire atheist who attributed much of his success to tithing. Did you get that? Tithing. Atheist. A universal law is a universal law because it works for everyone, anywhere, at any time.

I was curious. She was a tither, her husband was a professional high stakes poker player. I inquired, “Does your husband mind you tithing?” She said, “No, he wants me to tithe because when I tithe he wins.” BTW—they lived a very comfortable upper class lifestyle in the town’s best suburb. A universal law is universal because it works for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

On last thought on tithing. It makes a difference where you tithe. My friend “Diamond” Williams, leader of the Grammy winning Ohio Players, was struggling when we met. He had been tithing into a ministry that made it known that they were in opposition to his profession. When we connected I said, “It’s a job. You can’t quit your job.” He began tithing into our ministry and the rest is history—with his leadership and business acumen (not to mention being an excellent drummer, number 72 on Rolling Stone magazines 100 best drummers of the Twentieth Century) and the blessing of tithing where it counts he, and the Players, prospering today, busier than ever. Tithe where the blessing is found.

You really need to meet me “Behind The Door” because I want to show you how The Laws of Prosperity actually work and show you how to work these Laws. If you have this month’s password you can go there right now. If you don’t have the password hit the “Sowing” button and sow a seed in any amount. The default setting is $20 but you can raise or lower the amount. As soon as you sow your seed you’ll receive the password and it’s good for the entire month. Remember—what you sow is what you grow. I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

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