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The Law of Expectation

The Law of Expectation simply says that “You Live At the Level of Your Expectation.” Jesus said it like this, “According to thy faith so be it unto thee.” Like every universal law it works positively, negatively, for you, against you, everywhere, for anyone, at all times. I’ve seen it work so in my life and in the lives of others. And I’ve seen people go from poor and defeated to prospering and victorious as they’ve learned to use this law in a powerful way. A story illustrate the reality.

A man was sitting in his barber’s chair getting a haircut. “Make it good” he said, “I’m going on a tour of Italy next week and I’m getting to meet the Pope in Rome.” His barber replied, “I’ve been to Italy and it was terrible, the weather was awful, the food was bad, and the people rude. And you’ll never get near the Pope.” The traveler replied, “I expect the weather to be beautiful, the food awesome, and to meet nice people.” “Yeah, yeah,” the barber replied, “tell me about it when you get back.” A few weeks later he was back in the barber’s chair and the barber asked about his trip. “He said, “The weather was wonderful, the food was great, and the people really kind.” “But I bet you didn’t get near the Pope”, the barber interrupted. “Yes I did” the man exclaimed, “In fact he motioned for me to come over, so they moved the velvet rope and I walked up and knelt and he whispered in my ear.” “What did he say, “the barber asked incredulously? He said, “Boy, Where’d you get that bad haircut?”

We live at the level of our expectations. So why do we have low expectations? Let me suggest four things.


If you don’t know that there is more than you have you will never have more. It’s as simple as that. You’ll never know that better is available if all you’ve ever had was good. If the best restaurant that you’ve ever eaten at is Denney’s you probably think of that as good food. But if you’ve eaten a fabulous meal at a fine dining restaurant you know Denny’s for what it is—a good place for a greasy breakfast and not much more. Knowledge raises your level of expectation.

Get knowledge! The good news is that knowledge is everywhere and available to all. Books, magazines, the internet, you’ll even find knowledge on television if you’re watching the right shows! There’s the wealth of “people knowledge” in those that have the experiences that you need. And most of the time they’re happy to share their knowledge if you just ask. The problem isn’t a lack of knowledge, it’s that we too often we settle for knowing what we know and live lives of low expectations because of it. “By knowledge shall your chambers be filled with all precious, and pleasant riches.” Get knowledge and live at a higher level of expectation.


People with low self-esteem, by definition, have low expectations. “We’re not worthy” was a great line from Wayne’s World but it’s a lousy way to live. “I’m not worthy” was the mentality of the prodigal in Jesus’ story but the prodigal soon found that the Father thought him worthy the moment he rose above his un-worthiness.

You are worthy.

Assuming that you’re not doing something egregious, immoral, illegal, and are doing the best you can, where you are, with what you have—you’re worthy! Lift up your head, stand up straight, look the world in the eyes and say it—“I’m worthy.” And having established that, raise your expectations. Begin to expect life to reflect who you are at the core of your being. Live worthily. Live expectantly. Because you live at the level of your expectations.


Limiting circumstances lead to low expectation.

“It’s a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof” were used to describe, not only the land that the Israelites were told to possess, but also of the great state of Ohio the first time that we traveled here. We actually told by others in traveling ministry—“The people are unfriendly and they’d rather see you starve than buy you a hamburger.” They described dire circumstances and warned me not to make the trip. Fortunately, unlike the Israelites, I looked beyond the challenging circumstances and bad reports, and am happy to say, after living here for almost forty years, Ohio has been good to us, the people are friendly, and they love a good hamburger. And steak as well!

An entrepreneur who started a very successful business in 2008 said in a Forbe’s article—“We started the company because we realized that we would never have less completion.” He had high expectations in spite of his circumstances and became a multi-multi-millionaire because of it. Elbert Hubbard said, “While you’re saying it can’t be done, someone else is probably getting it done.”

Have you allowed your circumstances to cause you to have lower expectations? Make a list of negatives and positives. Accentuate the positive. Analyze the negative. Spend some time imagining the possibilities and raise your expectations.


Low expectations, by definition, require less effort than high expectations, and so, there are, (I know that you’re not one of them!) people that deliberately live at a level of low expectations because they don’t want to expend the effort that high expectations require.

But you have knowledge. You have self-esteem. (And if you don’t have either you will have both of these if you follow my blog long enough.) You know that the Greater One in you is bigger than your circumstances. So you set your expectations high and expend the energy and make the effort required to make them so. And they become so. Because you live at the level of your expectations!

Meet me “Behind The Door” for two reasons. The first is that I’m going to share “My Declaration of Expectation”. The other is that when you read it I will tell you how to get your copy of “My Declaration of Expectation” suitable for framing, and definitely something that you will refer to again and again this year. And it’s free! Just meet me “Behind The Door.”

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Blessings! “Doc”

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