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It was the first great road trip. I was seventeen, my co-evangelist was twenty-three. When we left town I had ten dollars, he had nothing. We stayed in the home of a wonderful old African-American church mother named Exie Todd. A lady gave twenty-five cents in the offering and asked for fifteen cents change. When we returned from out great road trip I had nothing, my co-evangelist had ten dollars. He decided the road wasn’t for him.

I had been told not to return home if I went on the road to be an evangelist (we used that term in those days) so I landed in a ten dollar a week boarding house that was behind Souls Harbor Church. A small Free Holiness church invited and re-invited me to speak on their Tuesday night youth service and always gave me a ten dollar offering. Room and board for another week. Nothing left over. I literally prayed in razor blades and deodorant.

Literally. I had run out of razor blades and had no money. I said, “I need razor blades in Jesus Name!” Later that day the proprietress knocked on my door saying, “I found these in a cupboard and thought that you should have them.” It was a box of fifty Wilkinson Sword double edged razor blades.

When I talk about supernatural supply I’m speaking from experience.

I often use the words supernatural supply or Divine Supply when I write and speak. Though similar they are different—supernatural supply being the means by which the supply comes, Divine Supply is the Eternal source of supply. Lest this becomes too esoteric let me share a few Tales From The Road.

I was on the way to a meeting and didn’t have gas to get there. Believing that I needed to be there I started down County Line Road towards the main highway. I saw a truck coming from the opposite direction. We met on a narrow bridge where I recognized the driver as a man that I had worked with. He motioned me to stop, rolled down his window, and handed me a dollar saying—“I borrowed a dollar from you for lunch and never paid you back.” A dollar put three dollars worth of gas in my sixteen year old Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe. Supernatural supply along the road.

It was Friday evening of a holiday weekend and we were traveling from Texas to Indiana for a meeting, driving a late model Cadillac and pulling a thirty-one foot travel trailer. We stopped in the middle of nowhere Missouri for gas and as I walked back to the car from paying for it I saw coolant draining from underneath the hood of the car. I called the station attendant over, he popped the hood, and water spewed from the heater control unit. He said, “It’s five and the only auto parts store around is probably closed and probably doesn’t have this part, and won’t be open on Monday. He called, the store was still open, the part was there, and we were back on the road an hour later. Supernatural supply on the road.

I’ve got all kinds of stories but I’ll share one more that happened to someone that I connected with. I called him Bubba because he looked like a wrung out refugee from a Lynard Skynard concert.

Bubba had been a dealer of illicit substances before he became a Christian. Afterwards he started a chimney sweep business and when I met him that had just gone bust. He started attending my meetings in Dallas and bought into my teaching on supernatural supply. One Sunday afternoon he stopped me saying, “I gotta tell you what happened.” Bubba was following his step-father-in-law (now you know why I called him Bubba) who transporting a set of chest of drawers in the back of his pick-up truck from Dallas to Corsicana. Bubba’s job was to honk if anything fell out. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere (because supernatural supply always comes from nowhere) he thought he saw something fall out and honked his horn. They stopped, nothing was amiss, but as he walked back to his beat up car he looked down and saw two hundred and eighty-nine dollars at the side of the road. Supernatural supply on the road.

I don’t have space to tell all of the stories that I have of supernatural supply on the road. But if you join me “Behind The Door” I’ll tell you how you can find your supernatural supply on the road.

If you have sown your monthly seed you have the password. If you haven’t sown your monthly seed go to the “Donate” button, make a donation, and the password will be sent via email. The password is good for the entire month. If you want to discover how to find supernatural supply on the road I’ll meet you “Behind The Door!

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