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Making Change

“The future belongs to the learners, the learned find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer

I don’t know why a sixth grader would religiously read the editorial page of the Orange County Register but I did. It was there I became acquainted with the longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer. There has been a world of change since those days and I’ve held on to his words through every one of them. The future belongs to the learners. Change is inevitable. Pain is optional. Let me share some observations about change.


Constancy is an illusion. Bhudda said, “Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” You may resist change but you’ll never stop change.

Think about the things that have changed in the last twenty-five years or so. Who would have thought that the world would be connected by the internet—who would have thought of an internet? Your cell phone is far more powerful than the first IBM computer—a computer that was as large as a semi-trailer. I’m typing this on my notebook—far better (and faster) that my chicken scratch handwriting. The list goes on. And on. And on. Given the inventive mind of man and an evolving world change is inevitable.


Even change for the better is disagreeable to most people.

  • Change forces us to break routine. We all like our routines.

  • Change questions the value of what we do. That’s why people have such a difficult time accepting that we will never again have a huge labor force of factory workers. Change has happened and robots have taken the place of human labor and Three-D printing is taking the place of robots.

  • Change requires learning new skills. And there’s always a learning curve to learning a new skill.

  • Change is disagreeable it often takes a leap of faith.

There is another reason that change is disagreeable. We all like our “comfort zone” and change forces you from your comfort zone. Psychologists tell us that three percent of people are comfortable with change and make things happen. Seventeen percent of people help things happen. And eighty percent of people wonder what happened. No wonder, a couple of thousand years ago the Greek philosopher Herodotus wrote, “Illness strikes men when they are exposed to change.”

Let me share one more thing about change.


You can change. You just have to know how. Remember Eric Hoffer’s quote? “The future belongs to the learners.” You must be a learner—you’re reading this blog—so you’ve taken the first step to successfully negotiating this changing world—you’re a learner. Your future awaits you.

I know that you’re going to join me “Behind The Door” because you are a learner and there are some things that you need to learn about making change. It will be worth your time and investment. It will help you to make the changes that will bring new levels of success and prosperity into your life.

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