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Building Your Dream Team

What is a dream team?

People who, tangible or intangible, that provide aid, insight, expertise, and advice for that advances your dream. They are the people that take your ideas and make them happen.

I have a great dream team. Actually I have several great dream teams. I have the media team that puts together our livestream, television, and radio broadcasts. I have a publishing team that works on my books. An accounting firm, financial administrator, and attorney that take care of business. And the Biggest Dream Team of all, the forty or so people that make it work every Sunday morning! They are in place and make it happen.

I mentioned having an intangible dream team. Can a dream team be intangible? Some have suggested having an inner counsel, an imaginary group of famous people to consult that in some way opens your subconscious mind to produce results. I’ve had people tell me, “When I don’t know what to do I just ask myself, “What would Doc do?” and the way is made plain. That works but there’s another way to have an intangible dream team.

I re-visit my intangible dream team on a regular basis. Stirling North, Jean George, Robert Ruark, Daniel Beard, Robert Heinlein—you probably don’t recognize the names but they are all authors that wrote books that shaped my thinking. Robert Ruark wrote in “The Old Man and the Boy”—“You taught me that there isn’t anybody that doesn’t feel like a person too.” Daniel Beard (one of the founders of modern scouting) made his contribution—“Others call it the Christ in man, the Quakers call it inner light, but all view it with interest and anxiety; the ignorant with fear and the wise with understanding.” Heinlein, “The Dean of Science Fiction” fostered critical thinking, and a tong streak of individualism. Every so often I revisit my intangible dream team by re-reading their books.

Everyone needs an intangible dream team. I hope that you will include me on yours.

When we go “Behind The Door” I’m going to share some thoughts on how to build your dream team, on how to pay your dream team (you didn’t think they were going to work for nothing did you?!?), and share Three Laws that will make your dream team work for you. Don’t miss this stuff!

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