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I always wear a pocket square in my suit or sport coat. Why? Because it’s a detail and details make you memorable. Before I learned the proper way to stuff the square in the pocket (edges together and downward) it would often drop out of sight. I solved the problem by clipping the square in place with a Mont Blanc pen (back when anyone who was has a Mont Blanc pen). It must have been a memorable detail—on a recent trip to a city that I have frequented I saw someone with a pocket square held up by a Mont Blanc. Life is in the details.

The difference between a four star restaurant and a five star isn’t in the food—it’s in the details. The difference between a good experience and an outstanding experience is in the details. The difference between dressed and well-dressed is really in the details. All of this may sound superficial but it’s not.

You may remember the chapter on making yourself memorable. Making yourself memorable creates visibility—visibility creates opportunities. Two businesses may offer the same product or service—the one that takes care of the details is the one that will be around next year. Experiences can be found everywhere—outstanding experiences are much harder to find. And its outstanding experiences that bring you the attention that you need to get ahead. Outstanding experiences bring people back. Dressed and well-dressed? Just let me say that I was in church, at the end of a service, minding my own business, when a well-known minister came up behind me, rubbed my suit material between his fingers and whispered “Hickey-Freeman?” I said “yes”. It was a bonding moment. I had an engagement at his church soon after. Life is in the details.

Then there are the little details that none of us like. Paper work has to be filled out. Forms have to be in place. Business has to be in order. Details! But necessary if you’re going to succeed in life, ministry, or business. It’s all in the details.

You don’t have to be a hundred percent better to excel—ten percent will do and that’s all in the details. Take care of the details and the details will take care of you.

Life Action” Your Life Action this week is to focus on the details. Look for those little things that will sharpen your image, your business, or your presentation.

Join me “Behind The Door” where I’m sharing seven “details” that will give you the edge in life, ministry, and business. And they will make you think! I’ve been getting some great feedback on what’s been happening “Behind The Door” and I know that you will be helped. IF you don’t have your monthly password go to the “Donate” button and sow a financial seed into the ministry. The password will be sent via email. If you’ve already sown your seed you have the password. It’s good for the entire month. A small detail….

It is a small detail but a word of explanation is in order. I call it a “seed” and not a gift or an offering because I expect that the seed that you sow will bring a harvest in your life. I base that both on scripture and what I have seen happen for those who have supported my ministry over the last forty-nine years. Next week I’ll share some things on “The Law Of Sowing And Reaping.” You’ll want to check that out!

I’ll meet you “Behind The Door.”

Dr. Leon Stutzman

Pastor, Author, Creative Thinker, Problem Solver, More Than A Prophet, Legend, and Icon


Dr. Leon Stutzman has been called all of these things by the people that he has helped. But everyone calls him "Doc."

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