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I'm going to challenge you to take off your “Sunday School Glasses” this week—especially if you go “Behind The Door”—because I’m sharing some deep spiritual truth in a non-traditional manner.

He couldn’t preach, he couldn’t sing, he wasn’t dynamic, and he looked like a little old man. But he was anointed and miracles happened. That was my old pastor. He was spiritual, even pious, and a good man, but that wasn’t the source of his anointing.

Then there was another man that couldn’t preach, or sing, (but he tried to anyway), he was dynamic, a great showman, but nothing happened until he felt the anointing and then miracles happened. That was John Wesley Fletcher famous for introducing Jim Bakker to Jessica Hahn. He wasn’t especially spiritual. But he did give me some insight into the anointing the one time that we talked.

I was fortunate in the early days to cross paths with some uniquely anointed men and women that were anointed. Many of them didn’t understand the anointing. For some the anointing the anointing caused deep inner turmoil. And quite honestly, the anointing killed a few of them. I love the anointing.

The anointing caused some deep inner turmoil because, being pietists, they believed that the anointing depended on their piety. That worked as long as they were a pious person. But most weren’t and if they were they weren’t as pious as their belief system demanded so they lived in fear of missing the mark and the anointing not showing up. (It was said of the late Katherine Kuhlman that her prayer life consisted primarily to walking around back stage a half an hour before an event praying, “Lord, take not Thy Holy Spirit away from me.”) I must confess that in the early days of my ministry I was one of these but have since discovered how the anointing actually works.

The anointing killed a few, or at least shortened their lives, because they put physical demands on their bodies preaching extended meetings, putting up tents, putting in long hours because that was their ministry and they loved the anointing. I must confess once again that in the early days of my ministry I did often over exert myself. I once put up a 30X60 one piece canvas tent by myself in a strong wind blowing. It took me eight hours. I finished at five and preached a “Holy Ghost Miracle Revival” service that night. Fortunately I was made out of wire in those days. These days I take care of my body as it’s the only one I’ve got.

Let me give you some understanding on the anointing.

The Hindu’s call it prana, Bhuddist’s call it chi, Star War’s calls it “The Force”, and we call it “The Anointing”. It is the life force that flows in, through, and from, every human being. The Creation story recognizes it as God “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” You might take exception to me saying that Hindu’s, Bhuddist’s, and the creators of Star Wars recognize the anointing but that would be like taking exception to the fact that they all recognize eyes and ears—all of which most humans have. The problem is in understanding the anointing.

I can remember the first time that I ever actually tapped into the anointing. At the end of a message poorly preached because I didn’t know much back then. I invited people forward for prayer, the anointing began to flow, and things began to happen. They’re still happening. Because I understand the anointing.

You are anointed. You have a Christ connection. Christ means “anointed one.” The fallacy of much of our religious teaching is that you have to get what you already have. You don’t need to get what you already have—you need to recognize it, develop it, and learn to use it. The anointing can be sacred or secular. Often it’s a mix of the two. You need to understand the anointing.

When you go “Behind The Door” I’m going to share a number of spiritual realities that will help you to tap into the anointing. This is the edge that you need to get from where you are to where you want to be in life. I hope you’ll join me. If you already have your monthly password you can go there now. If you don’t have the password, sow a seed, give a gift, make an investment in this ministry and the password will be automatically sent to you. The default setting is $20 but you can give more if you recognize the value of what I’m sharing, or less if you wish. Remember—You’re investing in yourself and what you sow is what you grow! I’ll meet you “Behind The Door”.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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