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You fought your way down the birth canal and just when you thought the battle was won they slapped you on the butt. Pat Benatar sang “Love Is A Battlefield” but she could have just as easily sung life instead of love.

I’ve had my share of battles and even have a few scars to prove it. You’ve had your share too. Maybe even more than your share—because until you know how to win the battle you will always find yourself getting hurt in the battle. “Behind The Door” I’m going to share “Seven Strategies For Winning Your Battle.” Before we get there let me answer the “whys?” that so many ask when they’re in the midst of the battle.

Why is this happening to me?

That’s the first “why” that people ask when they’re in the battle. And the answer may be one reason or many reasons. The 2008 recession caused many of us to find ourselves in a financial battle. We didn’t cause it—but we were sure in it. The battle was more difficult for some because they weren’t prepared for a downturn. Some found even greater difficulties because they were not only unprepared economically they were also unprepared for the shift from the manufacturing based economy to the knowledge based economy. And then some multiplied that by making poor personal choices in the midst of the chaos. Stuff Happens! (Substitute any word of your choice for stuff.) Most battles aren’t the result of one thing—they are a confluence of several things.

Why did God let this happen?

Short answer—free will. Long answer—You are co-creator with God of your reality, you determine your destiny, and if you’re not actively determining your destiny you’re not giving God anything to work with.

I wasn’t always prosperous. And even in prosperity I’ve had financial battles. But in hindsight—which is 20/20—when I wasn’t prospering it was because I didn’t know how to prosper and when I’ve had financial battles it was because I made business decisions that I didn’t think through. In the first instance it was a lack of knowledge. In the latter a lack of wisdom. I just wasn’t giving God anything to work with. In fact a couple of times I was hindering not helping. So let me say—it’s not God’s fault.

Why can’t I get the victory?

Pogo, that wise possum from the Okeefeenokee swamp in Walt Kelley’s cartoon strip of the same name, said it well—“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Victory can be as simple as making a few easy adjustments or as difficult as making major adjustments and meeting the enemy head on. Either way action is required.

Victory never comes to the passive. In fact very little comes to those passive souls who either don’t expect much or are waiting for God to do it all. Victory comes to those who set their sights on winning, do the things required to win, and stay at it until they win. We’re told to fight “the good fight of faith”. The only good fight is the one you win. I’ll give you one of the few bits of wisdom that my father imparted to me “Behind The Door” where I’ll share “Seven Secrets To Winning Your Battle.” Prepare yourself for victory—meet me “Behind The Door.”

Life Step For This Week—Spend some time thinking things through and making the adjustments needed to win the battle.

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