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Goal setting is boring and generally useless but something that you really should do. Does that sound contradictory? The key words are generally and should.

Goal setting is generally useless for two reasons. The first is that it is a purely left brain function—a list of reasonable wants, something to shoot for, something to get done. The second reason is that goals are set and forgotten. How many of your New Year’s Eve resolutions have you actually kept? My point is made.

But you really should set goals. “Where there is no vision the people perish.” Another way of reading the proverb is “Where there are no goals there’s nothing to hang on to.” Goals give you a general sense of direction—a general idea of where you’re going. And you can go down the list checking your goals off! If you remember where you put the list. If you remember to pursue your goals. Both ifs bring us back to boring and generally useless.

Perhaps you have seen the advertisement—I don’t remember the product but I remember the advertisement—a cubicle guy has his goals prominently displayed and is describing how he will reach them. His co-worker eats a piece of high fructose health killer and is suddenly riding a unicorn that tramples the prominently displayed goals. I like the metaphor. Goals should be set but there is something better.

In a moment I’m going to share the one goal that you should have made on January 1. Better than that on New Year’s Eve. Better than even that—in my annual New Year’s Eve. Miracle Blessing Service, live or on the live-stream.

But first I am going to tell you why most goal setting is boring and generally useless. When you go “Behind The Door” I’ll give you the alternative. It’s not boring. It is useful. It will help you to get from where you are to where you’re going. And it’s actually a lot of fun. Along with this alternative I’ll share some personal things that will help as you move forward in life.

Most goal setting is boring and generally useless because it doesn’t engage the right side of your brain—the creative side, the imaginative side, where connections are made, and desire becomes reality. The right side of the brain is analytical and ordered. The left side of the brain is chaotic and intuitive. If you can harmonize the two goals become more than goals—they become realities. I’ll tell you how “Behind The Door.”

What is the one goal that you should make on the first day of the year? Better than that on New Year’s Eve. Better than that, in my New Year’s Eve service live or by live-stream. This is something that I instruct everyone in that service to do—write down how much money that you want to make in the upcoming year. I also tell everyone to sow a seed to seal it in their mind.

Anne shared this with me. Her daughter from another state was with us New Year’s Eve. She wrote down $60,000 as her income goal. She didn’t give it another thought until she was back in town to celebrate her new job with her mother. As she sat in service she was reminded of what she had written down and pulled the piece of paper from her purse. She had written $60,000. Co-incidence? I think not.

When you go “Behind The Door” I am going to share powerful incites that will help you to do more than set goals—it will help you to engage your creative mind to cause those things that you desire to manifest in your life. This Is Powerful Stuff!

If you already have the password I will meet you there. If you don’t have the password you will need to sow a seed into this ministry at the “donate” button and the password will be sent immediately. The default on the “donate” button is $20. Many sow a larger seed because they realize the value of what I’m sharing and understand that giving creates a connection. I’ll see you “Behind The Door.”

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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