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Make Yourself Memorable

I stepped off of the plane in Tulsa, Oklahoma in my usual travel attire—jeans, cowboy boots, a long black leather trench coat with a rabbit fur collar, with a black Fedora on my head. (The Boy was Bad back in those days!) They talked about that moment for years. It was memorable.

The “They” was the leadership of the church that I was speaking for—it was my first time there. I still remember the meeting because one of the Elders stood on the last night and said, “The first three nights of this meeting we didn’t like anything this man said, and if it hadn’t of been for the healings and miracles we saw none of us would have come back.” But there were healing and miracles, it wasn’t all leather coat and gangster hat—but the hat and coat made it memorable. (BTW—I returned to that church many times after that first meeting and there are still results from those meetings in the city to this day.) You have to be memorable.

I read an interesting interview with the world famous chef Mario Batali—a man who is himself memorable. In it he said of his children-- I want them to treat education like it’s a trade. You should go to college to learn to be fascinating—and fascinated—which makes you invaluable for every single company”. Fascinating, memorable, the two go hand in hand. You have to make yourself memorable.

Jane Boucher is an educator and life coach. I have said that she is a force of nature. You know when she is in the room. Jane has made a very good living for many years in her profession because she is passionate, prepared, and memorable. She’s also one of my biggest fans and tells me so every time that she hears me speak—that makes her memorable to me!

Memorable people have an edge when it comes to success in life, ministry, and business. They stand out in the crowd, shine in meetings, are the first to be promoted, and find themselves listened to. If you’re memorable interviews translate into opportunities, opportunities multiply, and favor is found. Be memorable.

Make yourself memorable. Be fascinating. And if you’re not naturally fascinating (most of us aren’t) or aren’t sure whether you’re truly memorable join me “Behind The Door” where I’ll give you some tips and tools that you can use to make yourself a memorable person—fascinating is up to you!

P.S. If you were to pick me up at the airport today I wouldn’t be wearing a black leather trench coat with a rabbit fur collar—a fedora, perhaps. Times change and so do we.

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