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Dreams and dream boards sometimes need to be re-framed.

You may not be familiar with the term dream board, or you may have heard of it and thought, “That’s just a bunch of new age mumbo-jumbo.” It’s not. It’s actually an application of Biblical principle and sound from a psychological and neurological perspective as well. Anything that you can impress on your subconscious has a way of working through to conscious manifestation. Ergo—a dream board.

Dream board is self-defining— it’s a collection of meaningful pictures of things that you dream of pasted on a board. The purpose of a dream board is to remind yourself of your goals in life, to give focus to your dreams and aspirations, to motivate you towards them, and, at a deeper level, to inculcate your subconscious mind with your conscious desires. To that end a dream board should be placed somewhere where you’ll see it on a regular basis, but not somewhere where everyone else can see it, because everyone isn’t going to encourage you in your dream. (When I did the Intuit Experience the session on creating a dream board was the biggest hit, but by that time everyone was thinking at an intuitive level. I may do another Intuit Experience in 2018.)

Dreams and dream boards have a way of getting dusty. Most of us create one, use it for a while, and then it sits in a corner as a reminder of the dream instead of being a facilitator of the dream. That’s when you need to re-frame your dream and your dream board.

I created my dream board over ten years ago and realized that it needed to be updated. Recently I have felt the need to resume flying and saw that I needed to update the airplanes that were pasted on my dream board to the modern airplane that will do what I need it to do. I took off a couple of things that I’m no longer interested in, and added a couple of new interests. Then, in a moment of serendipity, I found a frame at my favorite re-sale shop that held an insurance companies custom relations statement and it was exactly the size of my dream board. I spent an hour this afternoon re-framing my dream and my dream board.

What’s your dream?

Langston Hughes wrote, “If dreams die, life is a broke winged bird that cannot fly.” In the Bible Joseph dreamed a dream, he kept it in his heart even after his brothers sold him into slavery (did I tell you that everyone isn’t going to encourage you in your dream?) and promotion came that was beyond expectation. Your dream board will help you to keep the dream in your heart.

When you go “Behind The Door” I’m going to tell you how to power up your dream board. I’ll be describing some of the things on my dream board and why they mean much more than they seem. As I do you’re going to discover some truths that will help you to make your dreams come true. When you sow a seed into this ministry you’ll automatically receive this month’s password to go “Behind The Door.” Go to the donate button—the default is set at $20 but you can raise that if you realize the value of what I’m teaching or you can lower it if you haven’t moved to that level of expectation.

Your Life Action For This Week: Build (or dust off!) your dream board

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