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Timid Souls Seldom Find Fulfillment

Knowing that names have an almost mystical effect on those who are named I sought out the etymology of my surname “Stutzman”. It turns out that it is of Swiss-German derivative and means, “Aggressive, Living on the Edge.” That’s the 21st Century rendition. It actually means, “Big Pushy Man Living on A Cliff.” My version sounds better, which points to the ability of the named to define their name.

I have always been a little on the edge. Maybe it is the name. More than likely it is the feeling that there is something more out there, something to be desired, a life well lived, a legacy to be left. There is something more out there—few of us achieve our full potential. There is something to be desired—it may be spiritual, emotional, material—but it is something to be desired. It should be a life well lived—what Jesus called “life more abundantly”, a life that leaves a legacy to another generation. Fulfillment is something that you’ll only find on the edge. Timid souls seldom find it.

Psychologists tell us that eighty percent of all people are security oriented, that is, security is the most important thing in their life. They want things to stay as they are. They are willing to settle for less, for second best, for a lesser life, because settling is less risky than not settling. The problem with settling is underdeveloped potential and unrealized reward. At the end of life the settler is left with a vague feeling of things left undone—that something was missed along the way. And they are right. Timid souls seldom find fulfillment.

“Who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame.” Going to the cross was a risky thing. There was physical and psychological pain. Resurrection was believed but not guaranteed. There was cultural bias—only criminals were hung on crosses. But there was a reward and the reward was worth the risk so He went boldly, with joy, and the ages declare that Jesus is Lord.

I’m writing this for the eighty percent and for the twenty.

If you’re among the eighty percent ask yourself, “What would I do if I knew that I could not fail.” Ask yourself what the best means to you (it means different things to different people!). How do you define your full potential? What will it take to reach it? Because there is a reward if you’re willing to reach for it. Fortune Favors The Bold!

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Whether you’re in the eighty or the twenty my challenge to you this week is to do something different, something that you would not normally do, to find fulfillment in your life. Remember—Timid Souls Seldom Find Fulfillment—The Bold Generally Do

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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