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We were staying in an apartment at a small church where I was speaking. After the service I kept having a feeling. Something wasn’t right. We needed to leave. I pushed the feeling away. It wouldn’t leave. Finally I told Connie that we needed to go to her grandmother’s house across town. The apartment was broken into that night by a mentally disturbed man. I was glad that I gave in to that feeling.

We hear a lot about IQ—intelligence quotient. And some have heard of the EQ—the emotional quotient. But there is something most people haven’t heard about that is as important as either—your intuitive intelligence quotient.

Have you ever had a hunch? A feeling? Have you ever felt that you needed to take another way to work and you didn’t and found yourself in a traffic jam? Have you ever just known that you needed to do a thing and didn’t do it and then seen those that did succeed beyond your expectations? We’ve all done those things. We’ve all had a hunch, a feeling. But most of us have been trained to ignore them. “They’re not real.” “It’s just your imagination.” “You can only depend on cold hard facts.” And I like facts. You need all the facts that you can get to make a cogent decision. But sometimes facts are not enough. Sometimes you need to trust your feeling.

You will note that I have written “feeling” not “feelings”. A “feeling” is something that is intangible yet concrete. Call it an inner knowing. “Feelings” on the other hand are subject to whether the sun is shining, how your body feels, what they’ve been saying about you (good or bad!), and a host of other vagaries. You can’t always trust your feelings but you do need to learn to pay attention to what you feel.

Did you get that?

You can learn to pay attention to what you feel. That’s one of the things that separates the successful from those who aren’t. So how do you get that edge? How do you learn to listen to a feeling? I’ve already given you the first step. You got it if you were paying attention. I’m sharing some real insight on how to increase your Intuitive Intelligence “Behind The Door”.

Let me share a word about “Behind The Door”. When I began “The Theory Of Everything” blog/vlog I set a fee on “Behind The Door”. I did that because if you aren’t willing to invest in getting insights that can move your forward you’ll never move forward. But I want to help as many people as possible soooo…. Last week we changed it from a fee to a Seed. Sow an offering of any amount and you have access “Behind The Door” for the entire month. And since it’s the first of the month sow your seed today to get everything that I’m sharing in August. Speaking of sharing—“Have you ever had a song get stuck in your mind?” I’ll share something about that—that you need to know—“Behind The Door.”

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