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Prosperity Is God's Idea

I have taken a lot of flack over the years for being “a prosperity preacher”. One dear church lady said, “That’s all you preach!” I looked through five years of sermon material and it was actually about one out of six Sunday messages. Why did she make the accusation? Even though she lived a nice upper middleclass life she had a poverty mentality. I did, after that, decide to step it up to one out of five messages because prosperity is God’s idea. Let me prove it—

In the Garden Story Adam and Eve were in a place called “Pleasure” (that’s what the name Eden means), filled with gold and precious stones, where they had dominion over their world. That sounds prosperous to me.

When the Israelites came out of Egyptian bondage “He brought them forth with silver and gold”. That sounds prosperous to me! Of course they didn’t remain in their prosperity because they could get past their poverty mentality.

Solomon is a great example of prosperity. An ivory throne covered in gold! That’s more than prosperity that’s ostentatious! But there’s a reason that Solomon sat on that throne—I’ll share it with you “Behind The Door”—it’s one of the great secrets to prosperity.

Someone said, “But Jesus was poor”. Have you read the Bible? Jesus was an upper middleclass craftsman that had a treasurer to keep His money, and enjoyed fine dining with His friends in the upscale suburb of Jerusalem. It’s true that He testified “The foxes have dens, the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head”, that is because He was our substitute for poverty just as He was our substitute in every other way. BTW—He resurrected on the third day and according to Revelation is living very well today.

Prosperity is God’s idea—in fact every religion affirms this. So why do so many people struggle with poverty? For the same reason that the church lady was offended that I preach prosperity—a poverty mentality.

I want you to meditate this week on what prosperity means to you. I want you to think about what it will mean to you and yours as you move up in the world. As you do you will find yourself developing a more prosperous mindset. And I want you to go “Behind The Door” where I’ll share some insights that will help you to prosper, including the reason that Solomon sat on an ivory throne covered in gold.

SOMETHING NEW! You only get out of a thing what you’re willing to sow into a thing. That’s true in every area of life. That is the reason that initially I put a fee on “Behind The Door”. But I want to help as many people as possible and there are some that I want to help that just aren’t there yet—so I’ve changed “Behind The Door” access to a monthly seed—a gift of any amount sown into this ministry. When you sow your seed you’ll receive your access code for

the month. More than that—you are invoking several prosperity principles. But that’s another blog!

A RECENT TESTIMONY WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN—“Thank you for posting this. Brings back great memories that give me goosebumps as I’m writing. I learned how to be prosperous through your teaching. You started me on the quest to be the best. You gave me the courage to walk up and put my hands on anything I wanted and claim it in Jesus name. You are a true inspiration and I thank you for all that you have taught me.” C.H.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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