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I am about to share one of the biggest CONFIDENCE BUILDERS that there is. If you can master it you will find it to be a step out of the doldrums and a step up to your next success.


It was the week after the biggest meeting that I had ever held. A church of sixty people. An auditorium that seated three hundred. We started with sixty—by the end of the first week the auditorium was full. Miracles happened. Every kind of miracle you can imagine. The newspaper wrote it up. The pastor took us to the finest steakhouse in the area and to a hole in the wall bar that had the biggest lobster tails I’ve ever seen. That meeting changed my perspective on everything. The week after I had a different perception of myself. I had higher expectations. And those expectations manifested. I was twenty-two.

Every so often I think about that big meeting. IT WAS MY FIRST BIG SUCCESS. I’ve had a lot of successes since then but every one of them began in a church on North Wood Street in Fremont, Ohio.

Now I don’t want you to think that I’m living in the past, taking a stroll down memory lane. I’m just exercising one of THE BIGGEST SECRETS to success there is—reliving past success. Let me emphasize this—there is a vast difference between reliving past success and living in past success.

IF YOU’RE LIVING IN PAST SUCCESSES YOU’RE NOT MOVING FORWARD. You’re looking back to what was knowing that it will never happen again. If you’re reliving your past success you’re seeing WHAT YOU DID to make it happen, the confluence of events that brought you to that moment, and the lessons that you learned that made it happen then and will make it happen again.

The week after that meeting I knew how to hold a protracted meeting. If the conditions were right I’d ask the pastor, “How long do you want to go?” Sometimes they’d say two weeks, others three, one said, “I want to go longer than the Fremont Revival.” We did— the church that ran sixty people with an auditorium that seated over four hundred. By the end of the week it was packed. Déjà vu. The crazy thing is I still know how to have a protracted revival and the things that I know translate into other areas of success and ministry.

What will you learn when you learn to relive your success?

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Dr. Leon Stutzman

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