What Are You Doing?

Sometimes it’s asked as an interrogatory statement. Sometimes it’s a polite inquiry. And it’s something that you need to ask yourself on a regular basis. What are you doing?

I suggest that you pose the question as “What are you doing” rather than “What am I doing” because the former puts you outside of the question while the latter keeps you inside the question.“

What are you doing” releases you from the limitations of self-imposed boundaries and allows you to be an observer. “What am I doing” keeps you from stepping out of your pre-conceived ideas and limits you to what you think you know.

The rail industry was in trouble back in the ‘50’s. They thought that they were in the railroad business. Tracks, trains, and time schedules were their lifeblood. Then the national highway system was completed and they found themselves in completion with the trucking industry. They couldn’t compete. Bankruptcies began. They could have asked themselves, “What am I doing?” and the answer would have been tracks, trains, and timetables—and I’m good at it. Instead they asked “What are you doing?” and realized that the tracks, trains, and timetables were just means by which goods were transported. They realized that their business was transportation and shortly thereafter began entering into partnerships with trucking companies to transport semi-trailers over long distances. Their business was saved by getting outside of themselves and asking “What are you doing?”

You may think that I’m writing about tracks, trains, and timetables. I’m not. I’m writing about you and what you really do. About you and where you really need to be to position yourself for a successful future. Most pastors think that their business is preaching. It’s not. It’s communication. And most communication takes place long before you reach the pulpit. Most business owners think that their business is goods and services. It’s not. It’s selling. BTW—have you read “The Theory Of Everything?” Then you might remember that successful ministry is selling the intangible. “What are you doing?”

Take some time this week to think about what you’re doing and whether it’s producing your desired results. Join me “Behind The Door” and I’ll share some insights on how to make what you are doing more productive and how to (difficult for most) let go of what’s not. I know that “Behind The Door” is a significant investment but I also know that it will return dividends. And if you’re a pastor you can contact me “Behind The Door” and I’ll help you to see financial increase in the lives of your people and your church.

BTW—I just found out that “Behind The Door” is not archived from week to week so make certain that you go there every week to get the most from this blog. Remember—I want you to succeed in every area of life!

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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