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2 Corinthians 12:2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.

I have had three heavenly experiences. I don’ talk about them much because all spiritual experiences are subjective not objective and I don’t need to establish my spiritual ‘cred by talking about walking down “Victory Avenue” and talking with a Jesus who looked just like me.

But I have had three such experiences. I’ll share them with you and at the end tell you the one thing that you need to do to experience supernatural visitation. “Behind The Door” I’ll tell you more.

When I was four years old I stepped from the walk through bedroom of my parent’s park model trailer into a place of indescribable opulence. Opulent is the only word that comes close to describing what I saw. I had no frame of reference. My family was poor. But I saw abundance. I can still picture it today. Now you know why I believe it’s God’s will to prosper—I’ve seen it.

When I was living in a ten dollar a week boarding house, praying in the ten dollars to buy my room, virtually homeless because I had accepted the call to ministry I was caught up into the Heavenlies. The terms “caught up” and “heavenlies” aren’t accurate because the spirit realm is not up and “heavenlies” describes a place best left to gospel music.

In that experience I saw a huge open Bible, the pages were turning by themselves, and the Lord spoke, saying “I’ve given you My Word”. The rest is history. I’ve never consciously memorized scripture but I’ve been called a walking concordance. I’ve never struggled to get a message—and most of what I preach is by revelation. I have the Word. But the Word is not enough.

The third experience happened in the early days of ministry. For two years I was under constant mental attack. Demonic forces tormented my mind day and night. I don’t have time to tell the details but after one especially difficult time I fell paralyzed across the bed where I was staying, was carried out in the Spirit, and saw the entity that I had been battling with. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Stretch out your hand in Jesus Name”. I couldn’t move! But in my spirit I could feel myself stretching out a spiritual hand and said inwardly “In Jesus Name!” The entity began to break up. I repeated, “In Jesus Name”. It began to dissolve. The third time that I said, “In Jesus Name” it disintegrated. I’ve known the power of Jesus Name since.

I’ve gone on too long. I said that I would share the one thing that you need to do to experience the supernatural—learn to experience the power of now. I’ll tell you how “Behind The Door”. I hope you have a Heavenly Experience.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

Pastor, Author, Creative Thinker, Problem Solver, More Than A Prophet, Legend, and Icon


Dr. Leon Stutzman has been called all of these things by the people that he has helped. But everyone calls him "Doc."

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