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Years ago the late, great Dwight Parret arranged a dinner with the famous (infamous depending on your viewpoint) Rev. Ike. It was a fine meal with good conversation. Ike shared his life experiences, source material, and picked up the rather large check. As we left he said, "I am a money magnet." I didn't remember ever hearing that phrase before and it stuck in my mind. A few years later I wrote the book, "You Can Be A Money Magnet."


Attitudes and actions attract or repel prosperity. Right thinking brings right results. Wrong thinking brings wrong results. "As he thinketh in his heart so is he." Jesus said the same thing-- "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things." There are a number of things that you can do to shift your attitude to bring more money into your life. I share seven "Behind The Door", (as well as several exercises) that will help you to have a prosperous mindset. Let me share just one--

You have to look for it. That may sound simple but it's not. Most of us are conditioned to looking at what we don't have instead of looking for what we need. And you need money. So start looking for it! I'll share some insight on how to look for it "Behind The Door."

A word about the cost of going "Behind The Door." It's a qualifier. Everyone doesn't need to go "Behind The Door." Everyone isn't ready to take the next step up. But those who risk it will find the insights, information, and inspiration needed to take that step-- and the ones after it. Prosperity is an ongoing journey-- "Behind The Door" you'll find more help along the way!

Dr. Leon Stutzman

Pastor, Author, Creative Thinker, Problem Solver, More Than A Prophet, Legend, and Icon


Dr. Leon Stutzman has been called all of these things by the people that he has helped. But everyone calls him "Doc."

The Theory of Everything was written for ministries, business people, and everyone that's motivated to succeed in life. It's a free gift to all pastors.