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How To Be Truly Happy and Content

How To Be Happy

Dr. Stan DeKoven, President of Vision International University and a psychologist, sent me a birthday greeting that started a chain of thought. I’ll share what he sent--

“To one of the few truly happy and contented preachers I know, I trust your birthday will be filled with family, good friends, fine wine and a great meal...and happy, happy, happy. Blessings friend”

I thought about “truly happy and contented” and realized that he was absolutely right—I am truly happy, and contented, and I am one of the few preachers that I know who is. And that’s more amazing if you know that my default setting is depression. So why am I truly happy and contented? More importantly—how can you be truly happy and contented? I’ve made a list—

I’m THAC (truly happy and contented) because I don’t allow anyone else to define my success.

I’m THAC because I set goals that stretch me but are still obtainable.

I’m THAC because I stay connected to the world around me.

I’m THAC because I choose my relationships well.

I’m THAC because I chose to prosper a long time ago.

I’m THAC because I focus on what I can change and not on what I can’t.

I’m THAC I have a plan and a future.

I’m THAC because I place a premium on order.

I’m THAC because I married well.

I’m THAC because I continue to grow.

I’m THAC because I choose to be.

I’ve just given you ten things that will help you to be “truly happy and contented”. I’ll elaborate on them “Behind The Door” and we’ll begin some exercises that will help you to be “truly happy and contented”. Remember, when you go “Behind The Door” I am taking a personal interest in helping you to help yourself to real success in life, ministry, and business. It’s an investment in your future. I’ll meet you “Behind The Door”.

BTW—my birthday was filled with family and friends, good food and fine wine, and some really great gifts! Thank you Dr. Stan.

Dr. Leon Stutzman

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