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"Potential has to be developed. Your success is proportionate to what you're willing to invest in yourself." ​

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April 29, 2020

I was stranded in Dallas, told not to come home, left without a car, and living in a run-down boarding house with no way out. I was walking over to a friend’s house and passed a normally vacant lot, where someone had parked beat up, faded pink, 1955 Chrysler New Yorker DeLuxe, with a hand-lettered cardboard sign that read, “For Sale $100.” I knew that I had found my way out!

I took a closer look at th...

April 17, 2020

These are strange days in which we find ourselves, days so strange that I am deviating somewhat from the motivational tone generally set at “The Theory Of Everything” and sharing some hard core, mountain moving, giant slaying, way making, faith talk that will not only get you through these strange days, it will set you up for “an expected end.” And that should motivate you! BTW—was that the longest se...

April 8, 2020

I started the second part of  “Super NATURAL Prosperity” a week ago with three perfect points-- focus, declare, and act. And they are perfect points for another day, but this isn’t that day, because these are strange days and you need a little Heavenly Help to get you through these strange days.

The pastor of a large church that I speak at every year asked me, “Did anyone hear a word on...

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What’s Behind the Door?

Have you ever said, “I wish I knew then what I know now”? I have and that’s why I wrote The Theory of Everything and developed this website. Because I know now what I didn’t know then and I want to help you to maximize your potential in life and ministry. 


If you haven’t read the book buy it and read it! It will help you to experience more in life and ministry. (If you’re a pastor the book is free!) Then join me Behind the Door. What will you find Behind the Door? 


Deeper insights and applications on the things that I share on this page. 


My unique thoughts on life and ministry—things that I only share with my inner circle. Things that often make them go “Hmmm?!”  There is a reason that one of the great leaders in a large denomination said, “Doc, you are my creative guru” and more than one has said, “I keep your books on my nightstand.” 


Coaching Exercises that will help you to implement a strategic plan for life, ministry, and business. These are practical exercises that will help you to identify and develop the life and ministry that you really want. 


Follow-up to keep you on track with the Coaching Exercises. 


Accessibility for questions and answers. 


Proven ways to increase your financial income—both ministry and personal. This includes talking points for tithes/offerings, my monthly “Tithe Letter” and how to use it. (There are churches that have doubled their giving after I shared these principles.) I’ll also share ideas that will prosper you personally. Ideas that really work!  


There will be more. This is a work in progress and I am excited about the possibilities in helping you to get the most out of life and ministry. Join my Behind the Door today! 


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